Pot Talk: Lambs Bread

By Amy Witt

While hitting weights at the gym the other day, I overheard a meathead flirtingly ask a young female what she took before she came to the gym to get her “pump on.” I chuckled as I listened to her proudly recite her list of chemical and synthetic-ridden pre-workout snacks. Smiling to myself, I took a sip of water and was reminded of how satisfied I was with my relationship to my pre-workout supplement, Lamb’s Bread.

Unlike any other strain I have ever used, Lamb’s Bread, aka Lamb’s Breath, takes you on an exhilarating odyssey at the gym or in nature, running, squatting, lifting and hiking to heights that you’ve never been.

Loved by Bob Marley, this hard to find, tropical, sativa strain originated from Jamaica and leaves a very pungent sweet and tangy taste on the palette. Skunky and spicy in smell and taste, the buds are small, dense and bright green. It’s got a high trichome content, and diamond, glistening sticky buds. This rejuvenating, earthy strain instantly boosts mood, increases energy, productivity and creativity.

I start my mornings off with a Lamb’s Bread joint, a cup of coffee, and a couple of eggs — it not only empowers my thoughts, but increases my metabolism. In 2014, a “Men’s Journal” study reported, “The compounds Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD) found in cannabis may help raise metabolism, speed fat loss, and lower cholesterol.” In conjunction, lab results show that THCV is most abundant in sativas, and acts as an appetite suppressant.

The extremely uplifting cerebral high provides positive, introspective, intense mental stimulation that enhances confidence and focus. Accessing flow state with Lamb’s Bread, provides for a heightened experience, immersed in connectivity, enlightenment and an alert sense of consciousness. If you’re weightlifting or doing cardio, this strain aids focus on form — meaning you can train smarter by targeting specific muscles, push through five more minutes, or five more reps. Pair Lamb’s Bread with a high intensity jump rope routine, and some music, for best results.

Cannabis has the natural ability to take the things we love, and make us love them even more.

To create something magical, combine nature, hiking and Lamb’s Bread. While climbing, it enables me to remove the monotony or the burning agony in my heavy calves, and replace it with a steady, rhythmic zone and competitive speed. With an elevated mindset, Lamb’s Bread allows me to explore, while amplifying my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical state.

This sativa will let you explore and push yourself to new limits — in and out of the gym.

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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