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The smell is super rich and earthy, and I think it has a distinct citrus note, a tartness, like lemon and rose geranium. The color is a medley of green and purple with the accents of dark, thick brown-orange hairs. And it’s as frosty as a snowman.”

Little Hill Cultivators specializes in organic light deprivation and outdoor-grown cannabis. They’re based in Southern Trinity County, in Northern California, and they’re all about producing volume without compromising quality.

Mission accomplished, LHC. Their Purple D, Purple Dogbud and WiFi #43 samples were all harvested this July from their first light dep run of the season, and they are handsome indeed.

A representative from LHC tells me that these particular strains came out really well this year. “They’re not main production strains,” says Jeff, who’s last name has been withheld. “But they will be…” The LHC farmers choose to operate in a simple and strictly organic style. They enrich their reused soil with compost teas because “It’s better than when we bought it fresh.” And they avoid bottled fertilizers, or “snake oils,” that are mass-marketed to cannabis farmers.

Most of their clones are produced in-house, so they’re guaranteed “clean,” an important thing these days. Their seeds primarily come from the legendary local breeder CSI: Humboldt. All three samples had epic trim jobs. Jeff says their organization has pretty strict trim standards, they don’t let their buds get loosely trimmed. It comes back to their mission of never compromising quality: They maintain strict quality standards all the way from the seed and clone to the bag.

‘Nuff said. Let’s get to the weed!

Purple Dogbud

Purple D

Purple Dogbud is Chem-91 crossed with Urkle. “It’s super potent, super tasty and very pretty with those purple hues,” Jeff says. “It’s definitely an Urkle phenotype of the cross,” he comments. “But you can see a lot of the Chem Dog in it.” He adds that the Chem Dog doesn’t necessarily do so well outdoors, but it hybridizes great — the squat indica dominant clone from CSI: Humboldt stock did great in their dep.

Jeff says the Urkle really helps the flavor, and he describes the smell as sort of greasy with a floral background. The smell is super rich and earthy, and I think it has a distinct citrus note, a tartness, like lemon and rose geranium. The color is a medley of green and purple with the accents of dark, thick brown-orange hairs. And it’s as frosty as a snowman.

I found that a fruity pebble flavor comes through in a joint. I passed the Dogbud around a crew of people — nobody coughed. The smooth quality endeared the strain to my peeps. It’s a lovely high too. I experienced instant relaxation and euphoria. The pain relieving property of the strain was tangible. My arms are pretty achey these days, and after consuming Purple Dogbud before bedtime, I found the pain significantly decreased in the morning.


Purple D

Next up is Purple D: Chem Dog-D X Urkle. Yes, Chem Dog-D is a different cut than straight up Chem Dog. Jeff enlightened me: “There’s the #4, the -D, the 91…” He calls it extremely pungent, saying it’s “probably my favorite plant so far this year. It’s another squat Urkle-dominant plant that’s super tasty, super smelly and it’s got nice purple hues… It’s a treat.”

LHC acquired the Purple D seed from CSI: Humboldt, grew it out full season last year, then selected it for cloning out of that seed run. Jeff is pleased at how well the clone did in their first dep run of this year.Purple Dog

The Purple D smell hit me square in the face. It’s overwhelmingly deep. The earthy and chocolatey pitch is lower than the Dogbud, and more basal. It’s also a melange of colors —  a complex smattering of purple and green with tufts of fawn-tan hairs, but a bit lighter than the olive hue of the Dogbud. The trichomes are perfectly formed — it’s hella frosty. The nugs are dense, chunky and crisp.

The flavor of the Purple D through my trusty vaporizer is sweeter and fruitier than it’s super rich smell. A very small amount led me to feel effects of slight absentmindedness and deep relaxation. The sedative power of this strain led me to enjoy a solid afternoon nap. And I woke up refreshed, not groggy — no weed-hangover.

WiFi #43

wifi #43

The WiFi #43 is a nice contrast to the other samples. It’s the White crossed with Fire OG, and the clone came from some folks in Los Angeles. “It’s just an OG Kush type plant,” Jeff says. “It smells like OG, it’s super potent, yields great and it looks good in the dep.”  

The WiFi has a much lighter color than the two Purples — a light and frosty green with dark brown hairs. The buds are bigger, with sort of a braided, feathery look. They are solid though, dense with a dank smell of soil elevated by a strong smell of lemon too. It’s sour.

The WiFi high is everlasting. I felt the effects for four solid hours — a nice, happy satisfaction, friendliness and equanimity. The lemony smell carries over to the flavor, and I like that. I think the WiFi is a nice and mildly tranquilizing take on OG.

All three strains seem good to me for chill time. Thanks for the nugs and interesting information, Little Hill Cultivators.

Written by Emily Hobelmann

Find them on Instagram: @little_hill_cultivators.
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