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“Males happen. And yes, those pollinations were unintentional, but Dave from Sunrise Mountain Farms, in Humboldt County, California, calls them “happy accidents” because he appreciates what came out of those crosses.”

The all-female patch of Triple Berry cannabis plants grew in the garden. The plants were just doing their thing, reaching for the sun, doing what plants do. The berry-tastic strain was something they got from a friend, someone local. And everything was groovy until one day, there was a twist of fate…

Turns out, there was a Triple Berry male in the garden, and it dropped a little pollen. Oops! You don’t usually want to find a male in your all-female patch of flowering cannabis — pollinated females produce seeded bud. And that’s what happened: The Triple Berry male pollinated some females and a nearby Huckleberry female too.

The following season, the farmers planted those accidental seeds, the Triple Berry X Triple Berry and Triple Berry X Huckleberry. They got an all-female patch going in the garden. And everything was groovy until one day, the farmers discovered that one of the Triple Berry X Huckleberry plants was a male. Turns out, that sneaker pollinated an Ogre Kush female.

Males happen. And yes, those pollinations were unintentional, but Dave from Sunrise Mountain Farms in Humboldt County, California, calls them “happy accidents” because he appreciates what came out of those crosses.

“They’re all kind of sisters,” he says. “Triple Berry Goo” is Triple Berry crossed back on itself, and Ogre Berry Goo is Triple Berry X Huckleberry X Ogre Kush. These fortuitous strains were cultivated outdoors from seeds in the full sunshine at their Northeastern Humboldt County home.

“The name of the farm represents our eastern view,” Dave says. “We get hammered with the sunrise every morning, it hits our garden first thing… And the sunrise also represents new beginnings. Every day is a new day.” The farm ranges from 2,400-2,600 feet in elevation, and it’s not just a place to cultivate. It’s “a place to live, a place to grow food, a place to commune with the forest and to learn to become stewards of the land.”

Sunrise Mountain Farms is in the process of getting permitted through Humboldt County’s new Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance. And they’re starting to get more involved at local cannabis events and farmers’ markets.

“The farm is a passion of ours and it’s something that we love because it connects us to the nature around us… We’re like a farm with a conscience,” Dave says. “We’re always learning.”

Amen to that.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 14.20.58Ogre Berry Goo (OBG):

The OBG nugs are long, stout and conical. They’re a dark, camouflage color, with clusters of dark brown-orange hairs. The inside of the nug is dirty blonde, rich with crystals all the way through. It’s got a strong and refreshingly sweet smell with a hint of fresh goat cheese — a little skunky, and way more berry than kush.

The taste off a joint has a vivid chocolaty character, luscious and savory, like berry-chili-BBQ sauce. I found the high was mellow, a productive stoniness rounded out with a nice warm body high, a favorable mindset and the munchies. It lent an element of brilliance — it’s smarter-not-harder weed, kick-ass-and-jam weed.

Dave says their OBG plants showed big-time variation, but they were all quite tall, on the order of 12′-15′. “They’re monsters,” he says, huge overall, and wide too — “a fun kind of jungle gym of a plant to maintain with netting and trellising.” Strong though, with good structure, he adds. “It held itself well… That’s an Ogre trait.”

Screenshot 2016-07-05 14.21.03Triple Berry Goo (TBG):

My first whiff was astringent, like witch hazel — a sharp feel, but also very berry, a vanilla peach with a hint of citrus, Meyer lemon. And like the OBG, the smell has a lactic, dairy, creamy element. And it’s strong — I can smell the TBG from a distance. It’s a light color, snowy with pale pink, salmon-colored hairs, nice and bright on inside with good crystal content.

It tastes like berry, without the sharpness of the smell. So the smoke is even sweeter, more floral. And a muskiness follows that candy-sweet high note of the flavor. The smoke is lively too, nice and effervescent. I shared a joint with a friend and we laughed so hard. Our conversation was erratic and we devoured munchies — Triple Berry Goofy! On a subsequent smoke-age, I noted tangible medicinal effects. It eased my tense back and shoulders. And like it’s OBG sister, it put me in a positive headspace.

Dave says the TBG is a tall plant too, with a sweet, yummy fragrance. The buds have nice consistency and appeal, and bigger trichomes, a nice shiny look. It’s big but not very stocky, reaching for light wherever it can go. An easy grower, it veges fast and stretches far.

Written by Emily Hobelmann

Big thanks to Sunrise Mountain Farms! You can catch Sunrise Mountain Farms at the upcoming Buds By the Bay events on Sundays in July in Eureka, California. And you can follow them on Instagram: @sunrisemountainfarms.


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