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An Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host from New England, known as the founder of Pro Cannabis Media, starts a “Cannabis Chat Live” Show on Twitch TV 


Wellesley, MA — “I used to host sports talk shows on radio and TV, and now I’m talking about weed on Twitch! I’ve gone from interviewing Ted Williams to Tommy Chong, it’s whole new world of weed!” so says Jimmy Young, the founder of Pro Cannabis Media, and host of the podcast In The Weeds with Jimmy Young

Now Pro Cannabis Media is launching Cannabis Chat Live on Twitch TV on Wednesday, September 9th from 4-6 p.m. 

“The 2,600% user growth of Twitch during the current pandemic really got my attention. Even though Twitch was built by gamers, it’s their new “chat” interactive feature that I think is a preview of what all media will be, or should be, embracing now, and in the future,” Young says. “It’s all about engaging with audience in real time and Twitch makes that easy on either end.” 

“Cannabis Chat Live” is a working title for the show that will hold contests, share educational videos, interview guests live, create humorous bits, and provide the live chat feature that Young, a former TV sportscaster, and native of Newton, Massachusetts will be the Executive Producer and host. Cannabis Chat Live will stream Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-6 p.m. EST. 

From 6-10 p.m. EST on those same nights, Pro Cannabis Media will also be streaming the best of In The Weeds, and the Weed Talk Series of shows, co-hosted by another Massachusetts native, Curt Dalton, the founder of, the flagship website for all Pro Cannabis Media content. 

The debut of a “Grow Cam Live Stream” is planned to lead into the Cannabis Chat Live show on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Pro Cannabis Media is currently soliciting video footage from grow rooms, and farms from all over the country in order to showcase the growth of the beautiful cannabis sativa flower. 

“You know the expression that, “it’s as boring as watching paint dry?” Well it’s a challenge to watch cannabis grow and make it interesting, so for 4 hours a day starting at noon, we hope to add a live news crawl that will be filled with interesting items, and upcoming pro cannabis activities. We will also feature a series of educational videos about responsible use of cannabis produced by our flagship partner,,” says Young. 

Pro Cannabis Media is a multimedia agency for strategic marketing that produces original video content distributed on like-minded Internet sites. Young has worked in commercial media for 43 years, 25 as a full-time sportscaster and talk show host. He is also an adjunct professor at a variety of colleges in the Boston area. 

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