Research Alert: The World Is Ending

As exciting as the growth of the cannabis industry is, the waste it produces is drowning out all progress. For this new industry to so flippantly pick up the mantel of environmental carelessness that most of the modern world operates on is definitely scary, but its not surprising.

A pretty concerning new report dropped this week from the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration in Australia, and they are not letting us down gently.

According to the paper, things are every bit as terrible as scientists have been claiming. They said that there’s “an existential risk to civilization posing permanent large negative consequences to humanity that may never be undone, either annihilating intelligent life or permanently and drastically curtailing its potential.”

This all looks pretty terrible, and it claims that if we continue to contribute to this scenario, we will have fewer than three decades of humanity to enjoy. The report claims that in 2050–just 30 years—over one billion people will experience displacement, famine and climate-change-related catastrophes, and that those of us with basic resources will not be equipped to help.

The Paris Agreement calls for 2°C reduction in projected temperatures, but this report says that even if we can achieve 1.5°C instead that things can still bounce back.

The cannabis industry may not be responsible for the last 100 years of pollution and plastic, but if it contributes to the status quo, nothing will matter for our children and their children. They will be left with a crumbling civilization if we don’t do something about it, promptly.

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