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Humboldt County Indoor’s Reserve OG flowers are truly a cannabis connoisseurs dream when it comes to exploring high-quality, hydroponically-grown strains. HCI utilizes absolutely zero pesticides, wastes no water, and is powered completely by renewable resources. This makes them a standout in the industry and leads to a noticeable difference in the quality of their products. HCI is also aware of the dangers of plant growth retardant and seeks to educate their consumers about their potential presence in cannabis products.
  The Reserve OG strain, which is one of their specially selected strains, delivers a smooth punch with 24.7 percent THC. The intense aroma fills the room as soon as you begin to break open the pristine packaging: a nice box, and a glass jar. The packaging displays test results, and even a QR code that, when scanned, leads to test results directly from the analytical laboratory.
  HCI products are “consciously grown,” a terms used to describe their commitment to delivering the cleanest cannabis possible. The health of their consumers is their highest priority.
  When you first inhale the Reserve OG you are met with a fresh, earthy kiss and a pungent sweetness that heightens your senses on exhale. Most cannabis strains make me very antisocial and introverted, but HCI’s Reserve OG provided me with one of the most cerebral highs I have experienced with a strain. As a decade-long cannabis consumer, this product really stood out. It provided me with confidence in my social reality, as well as the ability to better relate to people out in the world. Simply put, the strain’s high motivated me to get outside and socialize. Overall, HCI’s Reserve OG quickly became one of my new favorite medicinal strains. It exhibits a very clean and positive experience that I would recommend to any level of cannabis consumer because the high is comfortable.

HCI is an amazing company that thrives to provide the best quality product possible to the cannabis community, which they’ve always considered to be family.

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