Review: CBD Infused Cold Brew from Good Day

CBD coffee used to be everywhere in NYC, but after an unsurprising move from the department of Health, adding CBD to beverages and foods on-site was outlawed, for the time being. 

Anyone looking to provide or acquire CBD drinks now needs to have them manufactured and sealed to be sold in all 50 states—even New York. Now that the hard part is out of the way, lets talk about the easy, smooth, nutty part: the coffee that I tasted from Good Day beverages.

As a bonafide cold brew queen, I knew this can would come in handy when I didnt want to spend four dollars or leave my house, but I wanted the sweet, cold, creamy goodness of a tall iced coffee. I let the beautiful orange can chill in my fridge for a few days to get extra frosty, leaving it for the perfect late afternoon opportunity.

Upon first pop, the coffee’s aroma was just what I needed, when a workload slump was creeping into a long shift and threatening to derail it. Being a cream-and-sugar type, I tasted the cold brew as-is to see if it was any good even without the fix all skills of dairy and sweetness, and it was definitely drinkable jet black, so anyone who is into that kind of coffee will surely appreciate it. 

Mine was still tweaked with accoutrement, but it was nonetheless tasty as can be, without even a hint of taste from the 15mg of CBD infused via Vertosa micro-encapsulation technologies. 

This coffee will definitely be finding its way into my fridge again, and if it’s in the local bodega fridge, all the more likely.

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