Review: High Hemp CBD Wrap

When it comes to blunts, the reward isn’t always as good as the ritual. Rolling them requires care and precision, but that’s not how they treat your lungs. The day after sharing one mere blunt might even make you feel a little hoarse, which is concerning to say the least.

Papers and butane-fueled bong sessions are no better, but they don’t contain the nicotine that is in blunt wrappers—something that can keep smokers addicted to the shell versus the substance. 

Though we won’t turn on blunts as a potent way to dose, or as a great sharing vehicle, it’s always good to reduce tobacco intake. It must be stressed that any form of combustion is questionable for your health, but for many, it’s going to be blunts no matter what. So, why not offer a nicotine-free option to those looking for a cigar-like format without the blood pressure spike?

This is why hemp wraps are so popular, especially amongst The Emerald staff. High Hemp wraps in particular purport to contain CBD via the material used (i.e. not added through production), and that makes it even more attractive—especially for those who’d normally pass on a blunt not only because of tobacco, but also because of the potency that blunts tend to come with. 

For some, CBD can balance the effects of too much THC, and that makes it a good pair with super potent, packed-solid blunts—many having upwards of 1 gram of cannabis inside.

We loved the even burn and easy-to-roll action that High Hemp gave us, and though it came apart a bit towards the end of the sesh (which is sometimes a fact of the blunt life), everyone who partook considered it a more ‘mindful’ experience than the typical ‘up and down’ experienced from a tobacco-rolled blunt. 

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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