Review: Sunday Scaries CBD Tincture

I’d been marketed the seemingly popular Sunday Scaries’ tinctures and gummies pretty consistently on the Gizmodo family of sites and on Instagram, so I was no stranger to their Major Lazer-esque branding and big claims of stopping “the Mondays.” When our CEO handed me a bottle to try along with their energy shot, I knew that the shot would not be in my wheelhouse immediately, so I settled on trying the tincture.

Reading the front of the label made it look promising—and even attractive, dropping vitamin D and b12 into the mix is rare in CBD, and those are two things that a mostly-vegetarian like myself needs to stock up on most of the time. 

Sunday Scaries was seemingly perfect for me, but one place that products go where I cannot follow is to the land of stevia. The taste of this sugar substitute is so distinct that it renders anything containing it to be intolerable to its haters. Making the number-one rookie product reviewer mistake, I tried a large squirt before reading the back of the label where the devil juice was listed. 

Stevia aside, the flavor of this tincture was god awful to me, and maybe I personally hate things that taste like Dimetapp but it was just not good. It was really unfortunate for Sunday Scaries that we tried their product on the air while taping an episode of the Emeraldcast with Mary Pryor, but the bright side is that people who don’t mind stevia may be more into the added vitamins, making this tincture more like a supplement that contains CBD versus a straightforward cannabis tincture. 

This product may be a savior to some, or just salvageable to others, and maybe their gummies don’t have stevia and are delicious, but we had to be truthful about the turn offs, there’s just too much out there to suit everyone’s tastes to pretend that this fit mine, but don’t let it stop you, stevia Stan’s!

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