Review: Superlost Hemp Cold Brew

Brooklyn is home base to people from more backgrounds than some entire states put together, and that makes it a haven for pretty much any product that you could imagine. This is where many consumer products are incubated, created, and tested before being doled out to the general public. 

Cold brew infused with CBD takes both of those concepts and marries them into a polarizing product that annoys some, but delights others. Once it becomes even more accessible, the hope is that it will delight as many as possible.

We recently grabbed a bottle of this CBD infused and pre-bottled cold brew from Superlost coffee at our local bagel joint near the Williamsburg Emerald HQ, and it was quite the yummy experience.

Instead of over-brewed and heart-rate-tanking cold brews that often come pre-made, this bottle tasted as nuanced as a freshly made cup from our corner spot. A decent sized 20mg of hemp extract leaves you more calm than after your typical cuppa, and the inspired artwork looks chic on our desk.

We asked Brooklyn-based Superlost what made them get into this niche. They told The Emerald, “Our inspiration in creating a bottled CBD cold brew stemmed from our own personal use and realization of how well coffee and CBD compliment each other. We found ourselves getting all the positive effects of caffeine but not feeling any of those common negative side effects of drinking too much coffee—like shakes, anxious feelings, etc. 

“The combination of a calm wakefulness is something we hadn’t seen offered in the marketplace and we decided to go for it.”

This coffee is mean, green, and totally also a calming machine, and it is just what we needed on a summer day when cold brew is an essential. 

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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