Review: Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Soak

Treating your body better means more than eating right and sleeping: bath and body care really do more than achieve basic grooming goals. CBD has been coming into this equation via all manner of creams and rubs, but one of the best ways to shed a bad day is to soak away your stresses.

We tried Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Soak on a rainy Sunday to soothe some of the typical (and underserviced) complaints of people who menstruate: cramps and abdominal pain. Menstrual troubles are nothing to scoff at–they cause harm and suffering, and exhaustion after the bleeding is over is another hurdle.

Taking extra time to rest and care for yourself when fighting off period drama is an absolute must. Hot baths and relaxation can keep the pain at bay, and CBD is being looked at for its period-helper abilities, so a bath soak can be a most excellent way to indulge in healing rather than just performing tasks like taking pills or repeatedly microwaving a heating pad to help you suffer less.

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Soak comes equipped with 15 mg of CBD, magnesium salts and oils of lavender, rosewood and bergamot. You simply drop it in a hot bath and let the team of inflammation-fighting and relaxation-promoting ingredients go to work.

Though we didn’t find 15 mg of CBD to be enough for pain management, it’s a great amount for skin soothing and overall skin wellness. We supplemented more CBD internally as well as THC to fight off the aches, but this bath soak still contributed to the overall sense of well-being and relief that came afterwards.

Try this CBD Soak for general skin woes, help getting set up for a good sleep, or just to enjoy yourself after a long day. We’ll be looking out for an extra-strong menstrual pain formula if Vital Body Therapeutics ever makes one.

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