Saks Fifth Avenue Has a CBD Beauty Corner

Lo and behold, CBD has come to some of New York’s most prestigious shopping spots, just like Los Angeles’ Barney’s activation—only sans THC. As the citizens of this massive city push for cannabis access amongst continued restriction, businesses are rushing to provide services at every price point.

The typical CBD experience in NYC is three-to-five dollar drops in a latte, but this newest cannabinoid launch in Midtown, the CBD Beauty Corner, seeks to go a bit further and starts to edge against the luxury space.

This is quite perfect when you consider the setting, it’s nestled in Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship location in Manhattan. A little slice of heaven, The CBD Beauty Corner brings the top rated and most asked for cannabidiol products to one of New York’s foremost shopping spots. These much coveted products are also fueling something that new and exciting to many out of town consumers—CBD infused wellness services that are quick as can be.

The cute sampling of services at The CBD Beauty Corner involve aromatherapy, top cannabis transdermal tech, and mini massages that will cure those sore, bag carrying arms in a sec.

If you asked consumers even one year ago if they ever thought some of the worlds biggest brands would start riding the green wave, they likely wouldn’t have believed it. Now you can roll through the ground floor accessories spread and pick up a two thousand dollar Balenciaga City Mini and then hop the elevator up to the 7th floor for a 25 dollar CBD packed treatment featuring product lines we love like Cococanna, Tonic Vibes, Mary’s Medicinals, and others.

It’s pretty striking to see the halls of Saks decked with cannabis infused anything, and though its exciting, the rest of the city outside the lofty salon that housed this collab between the Creeds Collective, HiFi Exchange, and The Salon Project is in a state of deep inequity over cannabis.

Here’s hoping a few stress relieving CBD hand massages will open the hearts and minds of the well heeled people from all over the world who visit the Salon Project within Saks Fifth Avenue, and maybe cannabis freedom and justice could finally become buzzworthy, too.

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