Seratopical Radiant Glow Facial Oil Is For Skincare Enthusiasts

CBD skincare is everywhere, everywhere, which last year used to mean at Sephora and the Standard Hotel but now means CVS stores nationwide. It’s really quite stunning to see from any angle, but most of all, the beauty world seems to be picking up that CBD and other cannabinoids not only provide a medical benefit, but an aesthetic one.

Sera Labs makes CBD products like gummies and topicals as wellness support, but recently they sprouted into the skincare world. Seratopical is a line of skincare products that incorporates cannabidiol into facial safe ingredient bases. You can use these products to enhance your existing routine, or go with their selection of serum, oil, and cream for your sole source of softness.

In particular, the Radiant Glow Facial Oil night only stands out, but is a great standalone skin option. This oil has a drier feel with a Marula, grape seed, and sunflower seed oil. Add in CBD and extracts of lavender and camellia (tea!) oil, and you have a dream product.

Running about 70 dollars per ounce, this is pricey, but if you were to attempt a DIY, you’d spend the whole 70 on CBD and Marula oil alone, so there’s some fancy ingredients driving the price point. When you try it, the situation is clear. CBD driven skin oils are delightful and potentially help reduce the appearance of both acne and wrinkles—it’s a definite no brainer for all stages of skin health.

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