Massage Your Bod with Green Garden Gold: Do It Yourself or Have Someone Help

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Written by  Shannon Perkins

Hemp Oil – Coconut Oil Body Massage Cream

Green Garden Gold’s Hemp Oil – Coconut Oil Body Massage Cream is healthy and practical, perfect for everyday use. I’ve been using this cream for the past couple of weeks for basic day-to-day moisturizing and for emergency relaxation. It absorbs easily, leaving skin soft, but not greasy. This is perhaps my favorite quality about this product, no oily hands! The cream also works quickly to alleviate irritation, inflammation, and pain.

On a very long, overnight drive from Willow Creek, California to Los Angeles (a drive that takes approximately 10-11 hours), my hands started seizing up. They locked around the steering wheel. It was after midnight on U.S. Interstate 5, nothing but passing trucks surrounded me. I pulled over, and tried to get my heart rate and breathing under control. I remembered the massage cream. ‘It has hemp in it, maybe it will help,’ I hoped. With hands clenched like claws, I got the tube out of my bag and squeezed the cream. At first, I rubbed the backs of my stiff hands together. This helped my circulation, and my hands started to loosen their grip. Once my fingers unlocked, I massaged the cream into my hands, chest, arms, and legs. There was a slight cooling effect on my skin, almost like IcyHot or Bengay, but not as strong and without the overpowering aroma. About five minutes later, my body relaxed and went back to normal. The episode was probably caused by a sporadic sleep schedule and dehydration. While the massage cream may not have been the sole reason my body quit cramping, it definitely helped to calm me down and increase my circulation.

I use the cream regularly. After a weekend of moving boxes and furniture, I used some cream on my sore arm and back muscles. It worked right away. My body relaxed without the psychoactive effects from smoking, or the downer effects from edibles. Post shower or bath, this cream is my go-to.  It locks in moisture, rubs on smoothly, and feels clean. I keep some around to use anywhere; in my home, at work, in my car, at the gym, on the beach, while traveling, hiking, etc.

The neutral fragrance is an additional bonus. Some lotions have an overpowering fragrance that can cause headaches, but the Hemp Oil – Coconut Oil cream keeps it light and subtle. It’s an ideal product for hand, foot, and full-body massages! Just rub it on. Or have someone help. Whether for pain or pleasure, I was happy with the results when using this Hemp Oil – Coconut Oil massage cream.

Good Day CBD Salve

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Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Bee’s Wax, Organic Natural Vanilla, and GMP Certified CBD Oil — just four ingredients in this all-natural, organic salve. The aroma is wholesome and waxy and includes just a hint of vanilla. It worked best for me on sore knees when left on overnight, plenty of time to soak into my skin and joints. Smooth and silky, it’s a well-balanced ratio of oil-to-wax that rubs on easily. It’s great for deep tissue massage because, compared to the fast-absorbing massage cream, this natural salve stays on the skin longer, so, massages can last longer. For tension headaches, I rubbed some salve on my temples and felt relief. There’s no psychoactive effects because the salve uses CBD from hemp plants, which have only trace amounts of THC.


To learn more about the medicinal properties of hemp topicals, I talked to some staff at my local dispensary. They screamed, “DON’T USE IT!” when I said “hemp.” Like, it was explosive. That took me by surprise. They informed me that concerns with hemp include that it’s a bioaccumulator, meaning the plant draws out and absorbs toxins from the soil, making hemp better suited to cleanse soil than to be used in edibles or topicals. In 2014, Project CBD released “Hemp Oil Hustlers: A Project CBD Special Report on Medical Marijuana Inc., HempMeds & Kannaway.” The authors wrote that hemp is not the best source of CBD as compared to high-resin CBD strains of cannabis. There’s less CBD available in the plant. It could even be harmful to use hemp for health if the plants were grown in toxic soils. However, the authors also revealed that “if grown outdoors in tested soil and carefully processed, industrial hemp can be a viable source of CBD.” This hemp massage cream was working for me; so, I reached out to the makers, Green Garden Gold, for more information.

A representative confirmed, “Our hemp is specifically grown for the best extraction of CBD in pristine conditions in Scandinavia. Our oils are of course safe for ingestion and we believe our Salve and Massage Cream are the best quality CBD based topical ointments on the market made with only the finest ingredients.” Green Garden Gold’s products use CO2 extraction methods and are manufactured in FDA approved and GMP certified facilities.  

Written by Shannon Perkins

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