Strain Review: Bubba Kush CBD from Hemp Lab NYC

CBD stores continue to open up in new neighborhoods of NYC on the regular, but flower is harder to come by—especially without that hempy-taste that many high CBD strains can give off. 

This is why we were so excited to try the Bubba Kush flower from Hemp Lab NYC, a Bushwick, Brooklyn based CBD shop serving New Yorkers and bringing CBD flower to the Eastern segment of the neighborhood, who are much further from most of the city’s many shops.

Though Hemp Lab offers many strains, or favorite was the Bubba Kush flower, with upwards of 15% CBD. When we went to check out the space, other Bushwick locals were being served with great knowledge of terpenes, cannabinoids, and methods of administering them to the body by budtender Samantha, and that was such a joy, being that legal cannabis has been yet again put off by New York’s legislature. 

Our experience was great—getting sealed packages of federally compliant CBD flower from a local store is truly the dream, and what’s better still is how yummy they smoked. Many of the Emerald staff are medical cannabis patients, and considering you can’t yet purchase CBD flower in the regulated dispensaries that we have access to, this is a much more viable option for those of us seeking legal flower in draconian NYC.

Unlike many smokeable hemp products, we found Bubba Kush to be just about full flavor, with the symphonic aroma variations of a traditional THC containing strain. It smelled, smoked, and felt lovely, with maybe just about 20% less taste intensity than “regular” flower. All in all, Hemp Lab NYC delivers, and until the government allows flower in medical dispensaries, this is one of the places where New Yorkers will be procuring it—card or no card.

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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