Strain Review: Sundae Driver by Cannarado

Experiencing the doom and gloom that is a rainy day in NYC—alongside menstrual cramps comparable to being punched in the gut over, and over, and over again—I decided to roll up a nice joint of Sundae Driver by Cannarado for NUG. Upon cracking out the flower, I was greeted by a pleasantly sweet and pungent smell, comparable to busting open a fresh box of lucky charms…if the charms were replaced with dense nugs. 

Bred by Cannarado, Sundae Driver is an indica-dominant cross of FPOG and Grape Pie. The strain is light green in color with purple accents and a frosty covering of trichomes. 

Sundae Driver rolled quick and easy, making it perfectly suited for any smoke circle, big or small. It was easily malleable and formed right into the perfect cone, which burned slow and steady. 

Before I knew it, I was floating right back into a much, much happier place. Abdominal pain was replaced with belly laughs, and my once stress-filled brain became clear and mellow. Functioning in line with its indica classification, each puff put me further and further in-da-couch. 

But not in a slumped, I would never be able to do anything right now, kind of way. This was more of a, ‘I’d just rather not do anything,’ kind of feeling.  

As I slowly sunk into bed, I physically felt the stresses of my awful day dissipate into smoke. On the exhale, the smoke is clean, smooth and light, leaving a sweet taste of ice cream and marshmallow dust across your tongue, perfectly living up to its “sundae” namesake. 

Notably, this strain packs quite the punch and just half the joint managed to get the job done. 

Sundae Driver offered a calming, mellow high that aligned perfectly with its sweet, light flavor. I would recommend this for the evening, though, as definitely brought on some drowsiness and thoughts of bedtime. Overall, if you’re looking for pain relief of any kind and don’t mind suffering some hunger and giggles along the way, you’ll definitely want to try puffing on some Sundae Driver. 

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