Kiskanu: Sun-Grown Health in Humboldt

Great quality sun-grown medicine, CBD and THC-rich strains and Herbals blends of many different varieties make Kiskanu Humboldt your one-stop source for alternative health products.

Kiskanu Humboldt is a family farm dedicated to many kinds of herbal medicine, both with and without cannabis, The farm is coming into alignment with the permitting process here in HumCo and is a member of True Humboldt, a network of local farmers dedicated to sustainable farming, ecological mindfulness and community/patient support.

True Humboldt has developed a statewide distribution and reimbursement process that’s a model for the industry. Its members are readying themselves for whatever changes come in November. True Humboldt describes itself as “protecting the Humboldt County tradition.”

That ready-set-go attitude to coming change is also reflected in another project Kiskanu Humboldt is involved with, the North Coast Cannabis Advisory Council. Rather than just waiting to respond to edicts imposed by policymakers, the still expanding Advisory Council plans to offer leadership and expertise from within the industry to regulators and lawmakers in our region. The diverse members of the Council include farmers, engineers, hydrologists and those passionate about preserving the 50 year old legacy of artisanal cultivation in Humboldt as we move into a brand new era of cannabis production.

While the farm also produces food crops for their family and their workers, the overwhelming focus of master gardener and co-founder Jason is on producing healthy cannabis for mind, body and spirit.

Co-owner, Gretchen is a Certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant. Gretchen takes care of the business side of the farm’s good works and creates their wellness program of cannabis therapy products. And what a lineup they have! Their full-plant extracts come from cannabis strains grown on the farm representing the complete spectrum of medicinals, from 20:1 ratio CBD strains to 20:1 ratio THC strains and the many possibilities between, all tested at Pure Analytics.

Gretchen first took a course under Jane Bothwell at Dandelion Herbal Center in Kneeland, California. There she met Wendy Read and began her studies at The Caretaker’s Gardens in Boonville and the Cannabis Healing Institute in nearby Guerneville, California. She has designed a full line of products from salves to suppositories that deliver the kind medicine in tandem with an array of other healing herbs for their natural synergistic effects. She creates cannabis-free herbal remedies as well.

For Gretchen, the healing power of the kind herb is part of a holistic approach to medicine. She sees the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of cannabis as part of that herbal legacy.

Their cannabis products are available through membership in Kiskanu Humboldt or Kind Solutions. Kind Solutions has special programs for veterans, elders and retirees and is a proud supporter of the Weed4Warriors project. Check out the Emerald Magazine’s article on them in our May 2015 issue, available at our website,

Gretchen’s vision of the farm’s expansion includes production of essential oils as well as interactive opportunities for future visitors, such as a labyrinth and scent garden. For now, they are delighted to bring their medicinal flowers to such events as the Humboldt County Cup and the award-winning exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California called “Altered State: Marijuana in California” that ran from April – September 2016, the first major museum exhibition to cover cannabis.

Keep your eyes on this compassionate, health-dedicated farm and their collaborators. Kiskanu Humboldt is leading the way in herbal medicine.

Right now, the Kiskanu Humboldt website is under construction. Soon, you will be able to see their products and read more about their farm. What you can see there now is a marvelous mini-history of cannabis that explains the ‘kanu’ part of their name.

Written by Molly Cate

Kiskanu Humboldt is available on Instagram @kiskanu
Emerald contributor since July 2015


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