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GOODWITCH Brings You Back to Your Body When Pain Has You Feeling Outside Yourself

GOODWITCH fuses their passion for art and herbal medicine to redefine the approach of holistic healing through plant meditation. GW [...]
The UN flag with cannabis superimposed.

UN Votes On Key Cannabis Recommendation

Cannabis has continued its journey to legalization in the United States, but how is it fairing internationally? The UN will [...]
A map of the United States covered in prescription opioids.

Cannabis and the Opioid Crisis

After being labeled as a gateway drugs for decades, cannabis may now play a helpful role as an exit drug [...]

Interview with the “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham

Kilham has traveled all over the world searching for traditional herbal treatments—through Asia, Europe and South America, including deep in [...]


When you look for cannabis medicine, it's not always easy to find something that approaches things with a respect for [...]