GOODWITCH Brings You Back to Your Body When Pain Has You Feeling Outside Yourself

GOODWITCH fuses their passion for art and herbal medicine to redefine the approach of holistic healing through plant meditation. GW highlights the importance of self-care that understands the language of body signals and how to treat these signals accordingly. 

Founded in 2013, GOODWITCH was inspired by the nonlinear healing process throughout life with chronic pain. Founder, Remy — who withheld her full name for privacy purposes  — created GW through the practice of exploring the benefits of cannabis and herbal medicine. Remy turned to plants to help manage the personal struggle of daily life with fibromyalgia — a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain — and fluctuating abilities, due to the effects that pain can have on the body, both mentally and physically.


(Embodied) Flying Ointment 

The (Embodied) Flying Ointment is wildcrafted from organic CBD and herbs (a couple of which have been carefully foraged). It is a powerful topical that synergistically works to relieve muscle/joint pain and mends the body-mind relationship through the process of awareness and physical touch.

Each 100 mL jar of (Embodied) Flying Ointment is formulated with herbs from local New York farms. This ointment contains Birch Bark, Frankincense, St John’s Wort aerials, flower essences, Beeswax, Teasel Root and many more organically sourced herbals.

Every jar contains 600 mg of lab-tested, organic CBD from NY state. Customers can contact GW for test results, which are available by email.

My Experience with GOODWITCH’s (Embodied) Flying Ointment

I recognize the privilege I hold as an able-bodied individual. The extent of pain I experience on a regular basis includes mild muscle soreness throughout the back, neck, and shoulders, as well as pain in the knees from joint inflammation, and menstrual pains. 

With the new normal of remote work, like many — my screen time has increased majorly. Given the new environment, I sit at the computer for extended periods of time, which results in experiencing higher volumes of muscle pain. That said, the (Embodied) Flying Ointment has become my go-to for relief and relaxation. 

When applied, a light warming sensation takes over immediately, which transitions into a wave of relief. 

When using the ointment for in the moment relief, it provides quick effectiveness. But I found that it works best when used after a hot shower, as the company recommends. 

After the shower, I like to work with the ointment in a mini-meditation. First, I take in the scent, which has hints of beeswax and cannabis. I find this helps to initiate the relaxation process and allows for a grounding sensation.

Then, I tune into my body and really feel where I need to apply the ointment. Pain and healing both work in an uncertain way, so every day is a different experience when it comes to communicating with your body’s signals. 

I warmed the product up between my fingers and applied it to the backs of my knees, the bottom of the feet and typically my neck and shoulders. I take in the sensation and really come into my body and ground myself with a simple meditation exercise like a few deep breaths, or a sensory awareness exercise, where I take in my environment and how I feel in the current moment.

GOODWITCH residency with Farmstead Hudson Valley

Final Thoughts

The (Embodied) Flying Ointment lives up to its claims of pain relief and embodiment enhancement. It has a lovely natural scent and quickly melts into the skin for relief and relaxation. 

The packaging is a nice glass jar, which is environmentally conscious and mess-free. The ingredient list is simple to read and displays which ingredients are organic and carefully foraged — a nice touch.

A 100 mL jar sits at a price point of $65. I believe this is a fair price considering the process of growing and foraging organic ingredients for the formula. 

Working with the (Embodied) Flying Ointment has been a very rewarding experience for my mind and body. I have noticed in the moment relief with the ointment as well as lower levels of pain over time. Also, I am experiencing decreased levels of stress and anxiety after continuous use.

Overall, I would recommend GOODWITCH’s (Embodied) Flying Ointment to those that suffer from any kind of body pain, whether mild or debilitating.

GOODWITCH (Embodied) Flying Ointment = 5/5 Emeralds

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