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COVID-19 is on the Rise for the Second Time

Written by: J. Laura   Countries across the world are preparing for lockdown and restrictions amid the second wave of [...]

Comedian Seth Rogen Advises Young People to Swap out Parties for Weed and Movies

In Canada, British Columbia Premier John Horgan called upon Canadian actors like Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds to use their [...]

Michigan Attorney General Vouches for Michael Thompson’s Release: “Sentences of This Length for Selling Marijuana are Simply Unheard of”

In 1994, Michael Thompson was arrested for selling 3 pounds of cannabis to an undercover informant. Today, cannabis is a legal [...]

Personal Safety vs Personal Liberty: What Anti-Maskers, and Anti-Seat Belt Laws Have in Common.

Written by Rita Thompson   Amid the pandemic, Americans and beyond have searched for ways to help prevent the contraction, [...]
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is Seeing Green Amid Economic Downfall

In an attempt to offset some of New Jersey’s economic struggles following the novel coronavirus outbreak, Gov.Phil Murphy says legalizing [...]

New York Lawmakers Push for Legalization Amid Pandemic

Written by Rita Thompson   Cannabis legalization in New York was pulled off the table last summer when lawmakers could [...]

Humble Bloom Co-Founder, Danniel Swatosh, Strives to Provide Resources to Frontline Fighters Amid COVID-19

Written by Rita Thompson   Frontline workers are struggling with access to personal protective equipment as the need for such [...]

Cannabis Lends a Helping Hand

Written by Rita Thompson    As healthcare workers, essential businesses, and under-privileged communities search for support, cannabis companies are lending [...]

Effortless Entertainment: 10 Podcasts to try During Quarantine

For many, the consistent pushes for quarantined productivity can be overwhelming.