The Dime: 5/29/2020

By Sonia Case  Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the [...]

Where There’s Smoke: Multiple Studies Examine Cannabis Use Amid COVID-19

  By Melissa Hutsell   The novel coronavirus pandemic is catalyzing research into cannabis consumption trends. As a result, scientists [...]

Legal Cannabis Could be the Boost our Post-Pandemic Economy Needs

Written by Rita Thompson Facing a “Greater Depression” The pandemic is taking a wrecking ball to our economy, leaving many [...]

“We Can Act:” What Bending the COVID-19 Curve Teaches Us About the Climate Crisis

Humans are moving less. Thanks to stay-in-place orders, we're bending the COVID-19 curve, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while we're [...]

Baby Boom or Blip: Will the Effects of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Result in More Births?

By Melissa Hutsell     Historically, surges in birth rates have followed periods of tragedy or prolonged indoor isolation, like [...]

Stop Littering Your Masks and Gloves, Let Mother Nature Heal

As we attempt to protect ourselves from the pandemic, we must also remember to protect our planet and our fellow [...]

“The Heartbeat of our Passion,” Charlotte Figi, Industry Pioneer, Dies

By Melissa Hutsell     On Monday, April 7th, 2020, Charlotte Figi—namesake of high-CBD, low-THC strain, Charlotte’s Web—died. She was [...]

Most Aggressive States Combatting COVID-19

From California to New York, here is WalletHubs breakdown of the most aggressive states that are combatting COVID-19.

Cannabis Use Amidst COVID-19

As the impact from the novel coronavirus continues to spread, so does misinformation about it.