Musa Pedersen – The Indonesian boy who is in Desperate Need of Cannabis

  Sixteen-year-old Musa Pedersen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy — a lifelong condition that affects movement and coordination — 40 [...]
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COVID-19 is on the Rise for the Second Time

Written by: J. Laura   Countries across the world are preparing for lockdown and restrictions amid the second wave of [...]

Indonesian Advocates Urge Government to Study Cannabis

This article is a continuation of Emerald’s previous article, The Man Behind the Indonesian Cannabis Circle: a Movement to Raise [...]

The Man Behind the Indonesian Cannabis Circle: a Movement to Raise Awareness on Cannabis

Exclusive Interview with Dhira Narayana, Founder of Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (also known as the Indonesian Cannabis Circle) , a Movement to [...]

Lebanon’s Heart-Breaking Explosion Which Turned the City of Beirut into Ash

Written By: J. Laura Countries around the world unite as they try to help Lebanon rebuild its capital. On the [...]
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Religion, Culture and Cannabis

Written By: J. Laura Arman   Religiosity is an important predictor of cannabis use, according to the Pepper Institute on [...]
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How Covid-19 has Affected International Students in the U.S. 

Written By: J. Laura “I hope I’m making you proud,” says Alyssa to her family in Indonesia.  As of November [...]
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Cannabis in a Conservative Country: The History and Politics of Cannabis in Indonesia

  Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a country known for its tropical tourist destinations. But what lies behind the [...]