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Emerald speaks with DoubleBlind Magazine

Emerald Media interviews Shelby Hartman, co-founder of DoubleBlind Magazine.

Hidden Away: Eating Disorders in Men

Male eating disorders are under-diagnosed, undertreated, and misunderstood by many, according to research published in the Eating Disorders journal.  Yet, [...]
Psychedelics affecting a person's brain chemistry.

Can Psychedelics Boost Mental Health?

Psychedelics are slowly becoming legalized in North America. Are psychedelics really beneficial for those with mental health issues?
A map of the United States covered in prescription opioids.

Cannabis and the Opioid Crisis

After being labeled as a gateway drugs for decades, cannabis may now play a helpful role as an exit drug [...]
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Suicide Rates are Expected to Increase Amid the Pandemic, and After

COVID-19 has affected more than 44 millions lives globally. However the pandemic has not just taken the lives of those [...]
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The Mental Health Damage Caused by the Pandemic

  The psychological mind games that COVID-19 unveils are beyond the capabilities of us humans. Ever since the World Health [...]
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From Facebook to Twitter: Social Media Platforms are Removing Millions of Explicit Posts

  The biggest social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have something in common — the existence of content which [...]
Cannabis Infused Drink Mixers form Chil

Cannabis Infused Drink Mixers for When You Just Wanna Chil

Chil mixers are adding new meaning to the term “chilled” drink. This week, I tried out two different cannabis-infused drink [...]
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Latest Study Suggests that CBD Could Help Treat PTSD

  On August 7th 2020, University College London (UCL) published a report which showed that a single dose of cannabidiol [...]