Karla Ballard in 2019.

Meet Karla Ballard: The Independent Candidate for Vice President

Karla Ballard is running as the Independent candidate for Vice President. In this interview, she speaks on her goals for [...]

Amy Coney Barrett Nominated for Supreme Court

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has officially been nominated for the US Supreme Court by President Trump following the death of [...]

The Tibetan boy who Disappeared 25 Years ago

  May 17th, 2020 marked 25 years since Chinese security forces forcefully took away 6-year-old Tibetan boy, Gendhun Choeki Nyima, [...]
pornhub on screen

Pornhub : The Website to Advertise Political Campaigns

Written By: J. Laura   Many Americans won’t just see political advertisements on lawns, billboards, bumper stickers or TVs this [...]
green leafed plant

Did the Du Pont Family Catalyze Cannabis Prohibition?

In 1937, congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act , a law which made cannabis restrictive in the U.S. The act [...]
racism and discrimination sign

How Cannabis is Used to Discriminate Against and Disenfranchise People of Color

Cannabis has historically been used as a tool to discriminate against people of color — and the discrimination is still [...]

The Man Behind the Indonesian Cannabis Circle: a Movement to Raise Awareness on Cannabis

Exclusive Interview with Dhira Narayana, Founder of Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (also known as the Indonesian Cannabis Circle) , a Movement to [...]

Femicide: Inside the Politics of Killing Women and the Story of Pinar Gültekin

Written by: J. Laura   Disclaimer: this article contains violent descriptions. The World Health Organization (WHO) described femicide as the [...]

The “Right” on Cannabis

  According to The Cannabis Exchange, conservatives’ views on cannabis, for the most part, still maintain the belief that cannabis [...]