That Cheese Plate Is Aspirational Heaven

If you don’t already follow That Cheese Plate, get thee to an Instagram account, stat! The flowing salami rivers, the beautiful sprigs of herbs, the fun display boards, its all just too much for your everyday cheese lover.

Its an absolute wonder that this account has fewer than 100K followers, with its colorful and creative cheese displays. Charcuterie is trending again as we enter aperitivo season, and creator of the account, Marissa Mullen, has declared cheese plates self care. We can’t help but nod our heads in munchies-motivated agreement.

Mullen’s use of not-your-usual nuts and berries makes her pickle and preserved meat friendly selections uplifted and unique. The greatest part about following an aspirational cheese-based account, especially for a weed lover, is that you can reenact the bountiful spreads you see without any heat, flame, or cooking technique, it can’t get more simple than that.

Experiment with soft and hard cheeses, pickled delights like olives, caperberries, cornichons, and artichokes alongside smoked gouda, Comte, and raclette for extra effect. Mixing sweet, savory, tart, salty and creamy together makes eating exciting.

Luckily for avid browsers, cheese lovers, and cannabis lovers have a lot of overlap, so use the inspo you find to incorporate your own cheesy—and perhaps weed-y—strategies into the mix, like CBD honey or Terra Bites in Blueberry.

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