The Casual Cup

Trim Scene Solutions hosted Southern Humboldt’s First Annual Casual Concentrate Cup. With the publics vote, entries in the BHO, CO2 and Solventless Extracts categories were voted upon with one rosin taking the lead.

  Southern Humboldt was blessed with a vigorous rainstorm on the day of the first Annual Casual Concentrate Cup, a fresh event hosted by the local cannabis processing supply and functional glass shop Trim Scene Solutions (TSS). The event took place in early March, and it was an opportunity for hash makers and cannabis industry vendors to showcase their products in an informal, open setting.

  Lots of people turned out for the Casual Cup, even though it was a rainy day and the event was mostly outdoors — it was all about the pop-up tents. “It was very nice for a rainy day,” Trim Scene Solutions Associate Manager and Casual Cup Coordinator, Anthony Preyer, told me afterwards. “We handed out [more than] 130 215-wristbands, and we had 140 people eat at the taco truck. So we definitely had a good turnout.”

  The Casual Cup was eventful. Dabber Dan was there, showing off “The Rosinator.” There was a Triminator trimming machine demo, and the Friendly Farms crew was there to present their Extraction Contraption. The daylong event was an opportunity for vendors to show off their products and for regular customers and curious people to ask questions directly of the vendors. Plus, there was delicious food by the Taqueria La Barca Taco truck. Also on site at the event was a doctor, who provided medical marijuana recommendations to those in need.

  But the Casual Cup was a concentrate competition too, with 28 different entries that people brought in on the morning of the event. The cool part about the competition was that throughout the afternoon, qualified medical marijuana patients were able to sample any and all of the entries at the 215 dab bar. Then each person was able to cast a vote for their favorite concentrate. According to Preyer, the entries included BHO, CO2 and solventless extracts. It was an impressive array to behold, with concentrates of Girl Scout Cookies, Berry White, L.A. Confidential and Sour Diesel, to name a few. And there was one entry that was a hash patty shaped as the Millennium Falcon!

  When the clock struck 4:20 p.m., Preyer announced the Casual Concentrate Cup winners: Huckleberry Rosin took first place, Purple Pineapple Kush BHO took second, and Strawberry Cough X Grape Ape X Lemon Sherbert BHO took third. The first place winner gave a brief award acceptance speech, and he compared cultivating cannabis to the art of cooking — you do it with love. The winner received a hand-blown glass Casual Concentrate Cup trophy made by Ben Belgrad from Drinking Vessels (@drinkingvessels), and a beautiful recycler rig by Big Z (@bigzglass).

  After the event, the excess medicinal concentrates were donated to the Weed For Warriors Project, an organization that advocates for allowing Veterans the freedom to use medical marijuana as an alternative to harmful psychiatric drugs.

  People seemed happy at the event and the vibe was definitely chill — casual for sure. “It’s nice to get the community out and to see everybody together having a good time,” Preyer said. “And I look forward to an even better turnout at our upcoming 215 Farmers Market on April 22nd, since it will probably be nice and sunny.”

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