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Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a mouthful, a really great play in Scrabble and one of the most recognized psychoactive compounds in cannabis. It is logoed and popularized and is a central pursuit of many concentrate producers. Its medical applications are numerous and it’s recreational applications are off the charts. Cannabidiol. It too rolls off the tongue and is a great word choice for hangman, but CBD is one of the lesser known tandem compounds that make cannabis unique. While not as avidly pursued for recreational use, CBDs are gaining recognition and generating controversy for its medical applications. CBD extracts have been used as a powerful anti-seizure medication.  

To anyone who doesn’t know, seeing someone seize is frightening. Every muscle seems to be firing, all they seem to feel is agony and there is little recourse. Minimize bodily harm, keep the airway clear of saliva and vomit, turn them on their side if possible and it helps to talk to them. Some people, including children, are afflicted with multiple seizures daily due to any number of neurological complications. Pharmaceuticals provide relief with consequence, but most often, is not a cure for epilepsy or chronic seizures. It is estimated that roughly 65 million people are epileptic worldwide, according to the international CURE Epilepsy organization. With figures like this, The CBD Crew is making it a mission to improve the lives of so many who suffer.

THERAPY-2015-wa-758x1024I spoke with Shantibaba, owner and operator of Mr. Nice Seedbank and co-operator of The CBD Crew, about the medicinal applications of CBD. Shantibaba has been in the cannabis business for more than two decades. A quick google search will reveal a prolific, and often controversial, figure in the cannabis community. Further digging reveals a documentary where he states his given name of Scott Blakey. He is credited with creating several strains, most notably White Widow, and was briefly imprisoned by the Swiss government in 2004 for cannabis related charges. Currently, he continues to run Mr. Nice Seedbank and progress The CBD Crew in Switzerland. Shantibaba and The CBD Crew have an impressive online presence in the cannabis community.

Mr. Nice Seedbank is legendary.  I can recall seeing their advertisements when I was a fledgling smoker reading a shoplifted High Times. The buds always looked surreal, and their willingness to ship seeds to your front door hatched many ill-conceived plans. Mr. Nice has been around for decades, and there are no plans of going anywhere.

“The CBD Crew, a joint venture between 
Mr. Nice Seedbank & Resin Seeds aimed to produce 100% stable CBD/THC-rich cannabis seeds for medical patients and recreational use.” The CBD Crew actively campaigns for the medicinal applications of CBD compounds. Their website is filled with information about cannabis with a heavy dose of science to back it up. Visiting the site offers an education in the benefits of CBD and cannabis in a professional manor. The CBD Crew cites effective self-medication with CBD products for serious ailments such as PTSD or alcoholism. User testimonials are allotted their own section of the website. People share stories of their increased quality of life, thanks to The CBD Crew’s efforts. Shantiababa also notes that CBD is particularly useful for pain management and anxiety without the hinderance that THC can instill in some users. This collaborative has been around for years and has the potential to produce revolutionary medicine in so many different forms.



Cannabis is a fascinating plant with dozens of relative, pertinent medical applications to many people who suffer. There is no panacea. While the CBD compound has an increasingly more recognized array of effective applications, it is not for everyone. CBD extracts have garnered attention as an unmatched anti-epileptic treatment, children are often shown to heighten pathological appeal. On the other end, an Australian man was recently incarcerated for attempting to treat his toddler daughter’s cancer with cannabis oil, even claiming he had cured it. Sensationalism works both ways, for better or worse. Still, if a child’s life is bettered by this, if it is an effective yet controversial medicine that could benefit millions, than this is the groundwork that must be laid. CBD and CBD products are here to help and pioneers such as The CBD Crew are blazing the trail.
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