The High Life: How to Laugh During Sex

The High Life: 

How to Laugh During Sex

Sherae O’Shaughnessy


Recently it was brought to my attention that funny people are alleged to have better sex.. “Why, Sherae, why do you have better sex than the rest of us stiffs?” Wait, I do? Yeah! You know what, I do! But why? That is the million dollar question. I had to do sit and think on the ghosts of my vaginas past and decide why I (an award winning funny person) have had such an enjoyable sex life. And does it really have anything to do with humor?


I’d like to think I am a cool customer when an awkward situations arises. I absorb it by finding the humor in the haystack. Which can really help to put anyone at ease. Let’s say, for example, someone lets a fart slip during sex. Is this a big deal? No. It happens. And if you can’t laugh off a mid coitus fart then you’re probably too immature to be screwing anyway. Farts are funny. And so are A LOT of awkward sounds, positions and pillow talk that shake out in the act. What I’m saying is laugh them off. Appreciate how ridiculous our naked bodies are then get back to that gland-to-gland combat.


Its been proven since people figured out how to laugh that a partner who can make you giggle is substantially more attractive to you. The more attracted you are to someone the more comfortable you find intimacy with them. I’ve dated a few super dull hunks in my day. I’ve found mates who take themselves seriously outside the sack are even worse in it. They’re too worried about the aesthetics of it all to get wild. Really good sex requires comfort in your skin and on theirs. Its been said that comedians are an insecure bunch but while we might be overly concerned about our on-stage presence we are typically jovial and stoked when someone is willing to let us touch their butts. And, oh boy, do we touch that butt.


The first time two people get nekked is awkward for almost everyone. Drunken hook ups are sloppy and the sober ones are somehow sloppier. But if the person you’ve just fricked is someone you hope to frick again. Appreciate the weird and laugh it off. Post coitus pillow talk can really help two humans bond. Talk about humours nonsense! I mean actually talk about humorous nonsense for reals. Quote dumb movies or ask what their weird thing is. Everyone has a weird thing. Best to get it out of the way. My less weird thing is dudes who wear watches. My more weird thing is dudes who have nice feet. My super weird thing is dudes who lactate. I’m kidding. Can you imagine?! But that is something I would say to someone after humping to test their ability to understand, process and appreciate a joke. Its as important to make the joke as it is for your partner to get it. If you don’t know when I’m joshin’, how in the world are you going to find your way around my clitorus?!


So is it true that my career choice and natural ability to be funny as hell (results may vary) have improved the quality of how well we play with the box the kid came in? I think so. I’m also pretty good at circumventing the word “sex” and instead come up with disgusting euphemisms. Some people might think this is gross and immature. We don’t sleep with those people. We sleep with the people who think “Spelunking the Bat Cave” is hilarious. The person who appreciates Batman sex jokes is the person you wanna party with in the sack. Always party and laugh in the sack. Otherwise, what the fuck are you even doing? Don’t waste your sheet time on unfunny people. Thank me later. O’Shaughnessy, out.

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