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Couples Using Cannabis

Written by John Selby Cannabis is a powerful psychological force that can evoke transformation for couples who choose to get high together. So, how does grass alter the ways in which we relate with our intimate friends? Is this alteration a plus or a minus in terms of intimacy and relationship sustainability? And specifically, how […]

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Sex, Bliss and Cannabis

The Science of Gettin’ it on With the Help of Herb Put the oysters and chocolate aside — If you’re looking for a natural aphrodisiac, consuming cannabis may prove to help put you in the mood. A recent study, titled “Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States,” found cannabis users to […]


Sex, Nugs, and Rock ‘n Roll

Veiled references to gettin’ down and gettin’ high in popular music By DIANA TRIMBLE   Widespread cannabis decriminalization is bringing our favorite herb out of the shadows, finally allowing us to take an unexpurgated look at its legacy on popular culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the history of rock n roll, though it’s […]

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The High Life

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -Mignon McLaughlin Hello, Emerald readers! Please tell me you’re as fed up with this heat wave as I am? I do not fancy being sweaty all the time unless, of course, it’s in the bedroom… Or the car… Or on the […]

The High Life

The High Life: The History of Hemp

Happy anniversary, Emerald Magazine! This publication has produced so many interesting and informative stories in the last four years. Cheers to many more. If memory serves, the Emerald did a feature story on me in the inaugural issue back in my comedy days. We were babies back then. Memories… To honor the magazine’s birthday, I […]


The High Life: Air Emerald

  This month I’m gonna take you around the world, babes! Let’s learn about weird sex on a global level. Full disclosure; some of these facts aren’t sexy. Just hilarious. I’ve carefully selected a few “fun” facts about some ways people get their rocks off in other countries.   Ladies and gentlemen, this is your […]


The High Life: From the Streets of Seattle

  This is a fun opportunity to announce to all my Humboldt friends that I have officially relocated to the state of Washington. Specifically I am now Seattle based.   The weather is completely bipolar, it’s unreasonably expensive and people are always running everywhere. Instead of the Slug-Bug game we play “How many people are […]

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High Life: Work That Kush Off

By now I’m sure you’ve gathered that this month we are talking about sustenance. Grub. Goulash. Nourishment. Fare. Cuisine. Slop. FOOD! And since it’s a socially accepted fact that cannabis encourages grocery intake, and with my job being to heighten your sexual experiences, I thought I would give you a few fun, helpful ways to […]

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The High Life

If you’re reading this then Mazel Tov on surviving the holiday season! Unfortunately it’s still arctic outside. The indoor season has commenced in more ways than one so I thought I might throw you a bone and give you a few creative ideas for keeping warm inside when, baby, it’s cold outside. This month let’s […]

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High Life: Slut Shaming

High Life: Slut Shaming Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here today to plead the case of human beings who have been deemed harlots and jezebels by societal standards simply for enjoying the spoils of the flesh. I am talking about, of course, those who are called “sluts.” What is a slut? By […]

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