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someone joining his hands, painted as the rainbow flag, symbolizing union

The High Life: This is Why we Pride

  Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride celebrations and parades are the heartening demonstrations against bigotry and violence toward LGBT people, declaring equal rights, self love, community and acceptance of sexual diversity. An observance, a rite of passage and a damn good party, a carnival, a Mardi Gras and even a solemn observance of those […]

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Pot Talk: Sexxpot

Many local cannabis producers that are vying for a place in both the medicinal cannabis market and the impending outright legal market are establishing business identities and products that people can rely on. The Paradigm Cannabis Group is the perfect example of a Humboldt-based organization that is effectively branding and marketing locally produced cannabis products […]


The High Life: Aphrodisiac

The High Life: Aphrodisiacs

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Ooh! Cheeky, Knitty Kitty.

Written by K. Wheeler Soft knit caresses form like getting all in a juicy, warm body of water. Fluid coverage. Wrapped around every curve and motion. Intimate. Let Knitty Kitty’s designs show sassy or playful. Let them be chic and classy. Put on some knit undies or a halter top. Appreciate how they hold you. […]


The High Life: How to Laugh During Sex

The High Life:  How to Laugh During Sex Sherae O’Shaughnessy   Recently it was brought to my attention that funny people are alleged to have better sex.. “Why, Sherae, why do you have better sex than the rest of us stiffs?” Wait, I do? Yeah! You know what, I do! But why? That is the […]


The High Life: The Dating Game

The High Life The Dating Game Sherae O’Shaughnessy Columnist It is no secret that the dating pool in Humboldt County is shallow. When it comes to meeting a new, potential mate, it’s slim pickin’s out there. On top of which, everyone knows everyone. Rather, everyone has dated everyone. You can hardly throw a rock without hitting […]

Tea and Weed Time

Bud & Breakfast

WEEKEND RETREAT Bud & Breakfast It’s here. Humboldt County’s first Bud & Breakfast. HIGHWAY 36 When a traditional bed & breakfast just doesn’t cut it, visitors will soon have the option to experience a magical getaway in the mountains of Humboldt County’s Highway 36.     While the owner of this soon-to-be Bud & Breakfast wishes […]

Sexy woman leg and hip with white bikini panties lying on white background, attractive sexy body


SEX DRIVE ON DRUGS It’s a consumers market out there, and many cannabis companies are in the race to come in first. Foria lubricant has made a splash amongst women across California, Colorado and Washington. If lube typically came in a spray bottle, I’d be more eager to use it. There’s nothing like the scent of sex […]

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Cannabis Cocktails

Cannabis Cocktails are on the Menu

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