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Cannabis extracts – also known as “concentrates” – can be found in a variety of forms across many medical and legal states. It is much more potent than cannabis flower and has many desirable effects. Here is a review on concentrates from two premier Colorado cannabis extracts companies providing clean and tasty medicine!

unnamed (16)Green Dot Labs is a well-known extraction company based out of Boulder. GDL offers two levels of concentrates: their White Label, when the extracts are derived from the flowers of each different dispensary they make product for, so flavors will vary from vary from place to place. Their Black Label is made from flower grown in Green Dot’s Labs personal grow, smaller amounts are sent out and are sought out by many. The pictured concentrate I reviewed was the Sugar Town Express Sap from their Black Label line. It had an extremely tasty terpene profile with a great consistency; not overly stable, but not too sappy. Very enjoyable, potent, and looking forward to getting it again!



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Extracts Inc. is an up-and-coming extraction company from Denver that has burst onto the scene! They are providing clean concentrates for a growing number of dispensaries across the state. I have been a huge fan of their work and have yet to come across product from them that I didn’t enjoy. Extracts Inc. also provides custom labels for every dispensary they work with for a streamlined and professional look. The pictured concentrate I reviewed is their Super Lemon Haze from Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill in Denver. I can confidently say that this is some of the best tasting concentrates I’ve had in a while! Unbelievably smooth with a bright lemon taste. Everything from the color to the consistency was above and beyond what many other companies deem “top shelf”. A true home run for Extracts Incorporated!




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