Use These Accessories To Upgrade Your Vape

Vape lovers have to contend with the elements a bit less than other cannabis users, and although many products come out of the box ready to go, their dependence on electricity and their fragile nature pose problems for some people.

Nobody wants to see a cracked cartridge or the flashing light meaning a dead battery, so use these tips and tricks to get the most out of your vape situation.

Spare Battery

Get yourself a portable power source that can charge all of your devices, not just your cell phone. Many vapes use USB tech to charge, so it’s a great investment to carry around a slim or small device that can pull your Pax out of the red.

Long Charging Cord

We don’t have to settle with what was given to us, and when it comes to charging cables, sometimes that means a tiny length of cord. Invest in an extra-long and extra-strong cord to get your charge on without being hindered by the usual cord dramas.

Pencil Grips

Many vapes come in glass chambers, and this means cracking and spilling your precious cargo. Stop the madness with one of those cool squishy pencil grip sleeves we had as kids. Not only will you protect the neck of your vape cart, you’ll spice it up with embellishment.

Stop dead batteries, shattered glass and other problems in a snap with these upgrades. Using the two-part vape pen system as is poses risks of unexpected interruptions in cannabis-dosing service.

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