Warren Creek Farm

Warren Creek Farm

 Pumpkin Patch and Produce Stand

Story by Dave Feral | Portrait  by Alan Sanborn

Our house is full of excitement as autumn arrives and the best produce that our local farms have to offer begins to reach the peak of ripeness. Fresh crisp apples, sweet rich corn, delicious, buttery winter squash and big, bright orange pumpkins for pie and carving into jack-o-lanterns are all ready for harvest.


With each passing day of October my kids ask, “When are we going to go to Paul’s to pick out a pumpkin?” Our annual visits to Paul’s pumpkin patch have become a family tradition. Memories of getting temporarily lost in the huge pumpkin patch and hauling wagon-loads home to carve and cook into pie will always be with us. A trip to Paul’s farm is an occasion to relax, laugh, and savor a special time with family and friends.


Paul’s farm, also known as Warren Creek Farm, is owned and operated by Paul and Carla Giuntoli. Warren Creek Farm has been producing some of the best Organic Pumpkins, Squash, Corn and Potatoes in the greater Arcata area since 1987. Using organic methods, crop rotation and dry farming technique, Paul is able to produce more nutritious crops than those grown conventionally and do so without the negative environmental impacts.


Paul began farming on his uncle’s farm at the age of 10 when no such thing as certified organic farms existed. In fact, many farmers were moving away from the old ways, preferring to spray pesticides and herbicides to save time and labor. In contrast, Paul was curious to learn how farmers before World War II survived without the need for petroleum based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. He began to ask the older farmers how things were done before World War II and, as his questions were answered, he became one of the pioneers of what we today call organic farming.


In addition to working to ensure the fruits of their labor are not harming the environment, Paul and Carla have a deal with the North Coast COOP to ensure the sponsorship of educational field trips to the farm. These field trips provide students the opportunity to learn about local agriculture, pollination biology, organic farming and take home a pumpkin for free at the end of the day!


With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, Warren Creek Farm is now comprised of about 200 acres producing a wide array of fruits and vegetables including; potatoes, kale, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, over 12 varieties of dry beans, corn and 25 different types of pumpkins!


The shorter days and cooler nights of fall trigger a change in the plants causing them to put all of their energy into the fruit and, with each passing day, everything just tastes better. If you have never been out for a visit to Paul’s farm then start a new tradition. Take a trip out to Warren Creek Farm this October and bring home some of the best produce Humboldt has to offer!


Warren Creek Farm is located on 1171 Mad River Rd. Arcata, CA. To visit this October, take the Giuntoli Lane exit off of US Highway 101. Go west and take the frontage road on the right (Heindon Road), to Miller Lane, to Mad River Road. Follow the signs to the County boat ramp and Mad River beach. They are the first ranch on the right past the old Canal School. For more information call 822-6017.


Warren Creek Farm’s Pumpkin Patch and Produce Stand opens October 1st.


Hours of operation are:

Weekdays: 1 p.m. till 6 p.m.

Weekends: 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.


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