We Review Rad Ritual’s Squeeze the Day Tincture

When we first crossed paths with Rad Ritual (RR), a small-batch, cannabis-positive beauty and wellness brand, we were scrolling through the aisles of the Indie Beauty Expo last summer in New York City. Chloe Nordlander’s selection looked like it was coming from someone with first-hand with cannabis, which made her products stand out from the more ‘basic’ skincare and CBD-infused options on the shelves. 

With bright, attractive packaging and cute product names, RR is intuitively seeking out customers that are into their aesthetic, and the remedies they are formulating for those fans. 

We tried Rad Ritual’s fairly new Squeeze the Day tincture—an innovative combo of CBD, CBG, and Super Lemon Haze terpenes, along with holy basil extract. Nordlander, founder of RR, created this mixture to address people’s daytime needs: alertness, a calm focus, or perhaps even a settled stomach.

Fifteen minutes post-treatment left us even more equipped to get back to work than a plain CBD tincture normally would, the perkiness was noticeable from the fragrant blend of terps—holy basil counts.

This tincture could easily be dropped into tea, drizzled onto a morning dish, or present at lunchtime on a salad or avocado toast, but its lovely by itself too. 

We’re looking forward to trying out Womb Boom for menstrual pain in the future…but in the meantime, getting a calmer and more active state of being cooked up with just a few drops of Squeeze is floating our boat.

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