We Reviewed Life of 6’s New “Cannashea Body Butter”

@Raye6, a producer/artist turned entrepreneur based in Los Angeles recently released her Cannashea Body Butter, a lotion made of shea butter infused with THC, lavender and grapefruit essential oils. For $20 per container (2oz), @Raye6’s brand Life of 6 launched a product fit as a moisturizer, pain reliever, soother and so much more.

What  struck us about the product right off the bat was its strong leafy, lavender-y smell, caused by THC being the lotion’s main active ingredient: we can smell a variety of different ingredients, and it immediately sparks a picture of some oaky outdoor space. Despite the fact that the smell does not bother us, it is always striking when a lotion has a very intense smell.



But that was just the first impressions preceding our actual test. To the touch, the body butter feels extremely light and fluffy: it’s not oily, and doesn’t leave that mark on your hands that so many of us find so annoying and is so hard to wash off (usually by the time it comes off we have already stained some clothing). The lotion feels very compact, and is sort of hard to get enough on your fingers to spread on your desired patch of skin. We aren’t complaining about this aspect though: it helps not waste anything.

We decided to experiment with the butter on different occasions, to see if it lives up to the promise of being a “moisturizer, pain reliever, soother, and so on.” We first tried it for cramps: most of us struggle with finding that new, magical solution to get rid of cramps, even if just for a little bit. And we were striving to stumble upon some new remedy that didn’t involve ibuprofen.


And we did. This lotion tackled the problem head on: as soon as we felt cramps coming in, we rubbed some lotion on our lower stomachs. In about 15 minutes, the slightly stingy/spicy lotion did the trick — the pain simmered down considerably for up to one hour. Not only did the lotion help with the pain, it also moisturized the area we applied it to.

The lotion definitely passed the moisturizing and pain relief test. Lastly, we tried it with headaches. All of us live in New York City, so it’s part of the package to suffer from migraines. Well, the Cannashea Body Butter might be the solution for that as well: we just rubbed some of it on our temples when we felt a headache come in, and the lotion helped reduce the throbbing considerably.

Overall, we really liked this product. It’s moisturizing, soothing, and pain relieving. Perhaps our only note is that, because of its very pungent smell, it might not be worn in every social situation.

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