We Tried the Omura Vape, and This Is What Happened

Tech is tech, but when new tech comes out in cannabis—it’s usually more than gadgetry—it can open up doors and access for new people or those who need a specific method to consume it. Portable vape technology has come along fairly rapidly, joining the ranks of the regular product selection only in 2012 or so, when the big shots, G Pen, and later, Pax, showed up.

Enter the Omura: a unique and fascinating new way to vape flower, with a hint of convenience and more than a few dashes of much-needed environmental consideration, there’s finally, finally, something new on the block.

We tried the Omura vape system with Cru Cannabis cartridges in Platinum Cookies during a tour of the latest and greatest in Los Angeles, and the experience was novel and—dare we say—even quite impressive.

The tech is fairly simple: a bullet-shaped vape is plugged with preloaded cardboard “cartridges” full of ground premium flower. Heat is then radiated through the cartridge to unlock the aroma and cannabinoids from the weed inside. At first glance, we were downright SHOCKED at the amount of vapor this produced—next to none. The taste of beautiful hybrid Platinum Cookies came right through, smoke or no smoke, vapor or no vapor, and it was really simple to use by pressing a single button.

This device will certainly provide a more discreet and full flavor experience to those who either can’t or don’t want to smoke flower, and especially for those who refuse to handle buds, which can be messy and sticky to process.

Omura gives the user a low-key and low-effort way to consume cannabis—in a paper tube no less—rather than a plastic-riddled piece of pollution. Honestly, it’s pretty great! Our only complaint was that the “sessions” lasted three minutes, at which time the taste of burnt cannabis was overpowering the still-fresh stuff on top. We even cut open the tube to see if there was anything green left, and there was, but after two minutes of toking the bottom portion to death, the taste wasn’t worth it.

The super-clean flavor in the first whole minute, on the other hand, was worth it.

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