We Want This Food: ChefSteps ‘Creamy’ Vegan Onion Sauce

If you’re not aware of Lifehacker’s Eating Trash with Claire column, get familiar. Food and Beverage editor Claire Lower takes kitchen scraps and turns them to gold. In text and video content, and with her science chops, the results are often innovative as can be.

This time she simply passed the football to our waiting hands, lobbing a vegan onion cream recipe our way that we may not otherwise have ever come across. Dips, sauces, and other garnish/seasoning partners are the backbone of cannabis-infused cooking. If you can blend it up with the often oil-based cannabis products out there, you can not only control dosage, you can make plenty for later. 

Online chef content hub ChefSteps created this Roasted Onion sauce, and its simple and sparkling. Just roast whole onions—skin on—until they’re soft and squishy. Blend with olive oil, salt, and lemon to taste and you’re on your way to onion city. 

We can see this dip being CBD infused and drizzled all over brunch favorites like shakshuka, a fine herbs omelette, or even some steak frites. The simplicity of the formula leaves so much room for experimentation, and gives you plenty of inspo for everything from cheesy to…Pringles-ey? Yeah, she goes there! 

With the typical affordability and availability of a big sack of the stuff, there’s no reason not to play around with your own resulting creation. No matter how you like your onions or alliums, in our case as many as possible, this is a recipe to put into your snacking arsenal—stat. 

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