We Want This Food: Felix Los Angeles Artichoke Lasagne

Lasagna doesn’t scream “end of summer” to most, but in Los Angeles that’s a subjective temperature range, anyway. Some like it hot, others like it cool, but everyone loves cheesy comfort food, and when there’s also fresh, savory artichokes involved, the bourgieness of these hard-to-handle veggies adds to the experience in a big way. 

While scrolling high we noticed this delightful piece of pasta pie just waiting to be carved up by the eager diners. Little strings of cheese and generous looking artichoke ratios are calling our name, and dining at Felix Trattoria has entered our must-do-post-puff itinerary next LA trip. 


If you are a fan of pasta, cheese, or artichokes, a gourmet lasagne like this one can make you swear of the frozen stuff for an eternity, and if you ever wanted to infuse cannabis into one, a ‘green’ vegetable oriented dish is a better fit than a red sauce lasagna. 

Infusing lasagna is pretty simple because there’s so many spots to park some infused oil, like in the pasta itself, the sauce, the ricotta/hard cheese mixture for filling, or on any veggies you’d like to include.

Though you may not be able to get a cannabis artichoke lasagne at Felix Trattoria in LA, you have access to some of the best recreational products around before or after your dinner, or during if you use a service like Eaze or Emjay. We’d suggest pairing something this heavy with a hard-hitting citrusy scent, like Orange Cookies or Super Lemon Haze. 

Lead Image: Half Baked Harvest 

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