We Want This Food: Gnam Box Zucchini Puff

There’s no doubt about it, at The Emerald, we love Italian food—but that doesn’t just mean you should serve us some red sauce and call it a day. True Italian food is created by capitalizing on a short list of ingredients, and at Gnam Box, a blog about beauty and food, you get that and then some. Everything served up is not only deliciously crafted, it’s attractive; always served in beautiful cookware, and by two beautiful dudes. 

Zucchini is of a nearly similar name in Italian, zucchine, and this squash is a ubiquitous part of the entire Mediterranean diet, not just the Italian or Southern European diet. A squash that is technically a variation on a Mesoamerican vegetable—Italian cooks latched on just as with tomatoes, and countless dishes were crafted over the remaining 400 years. 

A tartine, or sfoglia in Italian, is a thin, pizza-reminiscent treat that grants the eater crunch, vegetal umami, and delight. Gnam Box‘s recipe takes it higher with sprinkled almonds and lemony seasoning.

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From the garden 💚 @masseriapotenti #infoodwetrust #puglia

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Throw down your own version with anything you have lying around—tarts are best served with the leftovers from the night before—or kept easy to assemble. After all, the only odd seeming thing you need to keep on hand is a frozen puff pastry. The rest is really just whatever is freshest, on sale, or already in your fridge

This sfoglia by the duo at Gnam Box is green and lush—but sneakily simple. Dressing quartered courgettes with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper sets the stage, showering with slivered almonds for the last bit of cooking and a handful of terpene-rich mint leaves after its done baking adds texture and seasoning without overpowering the gentle zuccs.

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Questa sfoglia di zucchine è la ricetta più veloce e leggera mai fatta: niente formaggio, uova o impasti vari… solo buone zucchine di stagione condite con limone, mandorle e menta e il gioco è fatto! La ricetta è online www.gnambox.com (link diretto in bio) #zucchine #ricettefacili #infoodwetrust

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If you’re looking for a super fast, after work dinner where a drizzle of cannabis-infused olive oil would be most welcome, look no further than Gnam Box’s Milano-tinged favorites. 

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