We Want This Food: Konbi’s Egg Salad Sandwich

Eggs are typically Instagram worthy when swirled into shakshuka, drizzled in sexy sauces, or otherwise gussied up to look gourmet, but egg salad isn’t always high on the list of snappable foods. Enter Los Angeles cafe Konbi, which came on our radar as they were being ravenously reviewed by Eater and the LA Times.


This sandwich is wholly crave-able, drizzled with kewpie mayo and served in artistic, crustless, thirds, the egg salad is draped around a perfect medium hard egg, with such rich orange yolks that it’s screaming at you across the screen.


Digging into this sandwich after visiting one of LA’s kazillion dispensaries (closer to few thousand), sounds like the greatest afternoon snack attack.


Konbi doesn’t stop there, a sizeable tonkatsu on toast is wild tasty looking, and looking we certainly are. If you want to take it to the next level, a few drops of Root Of It All’s Unwind tincture would be a slam dunk here, the hyper-yellow turmeric and spicy clove-pepper combo is terpy enough to be pronounced, but gentle enough not to kill the delicate softness of an egg salad.

Go even further and whip this up at home—DIY style with Lifehacker’s food and beverage editor Claire Lower’s Deviled Egg Salad, and if you dare to throw the tincture in there, the 50/50 CBD THC action wouldn’t scare away a newbie, so use your weed imagination.

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