We Want This Food: Marcella Hazan’s Butter Tomato Sauce

When you like to eat infused foods, finding places to stash the weed have to be truly creative to make a successful dish that doesn’t taste like you’re eating a joint. Many chefs have the nuance down, and dropping tiny dabs of infused olive oil is fine, but some people just want comfort food with the comfort part baked right in. 

This is why when we first stumbled upon chef Marcella Hazan’s garlic-less tomato sauce, instead of being repelled by the simplicity of the ingredients list—which is incredibly slim—we tried it while reserving judgement.

For something comprised of just butter, onion, and tomato to have such rich flavors is enchanting. This flavor comes from allowing the ingredients to marry on their own in a set-it-and-forget-it formula, with salting only at the end to preserve the sweetness of the tomatoes.

If you ever wanted a recipe for stashing cannabutter that is savory, simple, and suitable for a regular evening in, not just a Sunday cook off, this is an excellent go-to.

Hazan’s mastery of tomato sauce makes an herbal melange when you incorporate cannabutter, and with no basil required, you can taste it as its very own herbal accoutrement. Using a high terpene strain can also help you to play with these concepts. If you’re worried about the sauce being overpowering, make sure to use a mild flavored butter or combine half of the recipes allotment with plain unsalted butter. 

Not into THC? This would also go great with a CBD tincture, but don’t skip the butter—it’s where much of the richness of this yummy sauce originates. Coat spaghetti or linguine in this gem, and save the leftovers, if there are any, for spaghetti pie the next day. 

Photo: Pexels

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