We Want This Food: Pasta Grannies’ Quick Fix Chickpea Pasta

Anyone who has a nonna who makes pasta, or wishes they did, can appreciate the Pasta Grannies Instagram account.

The woman working the camera, Vicky Bennison, posts her pasta content weekly to eager viewers, and the Italian grandmas who make noodles, maccheroni, tagliatelle, cavatappi and dozens of other more rare pasta varieties get to pass their valuable skills to the public. Trust us when we say that this account is dangerous to view if you’re stoned!

Food52, an Internet recipe staple, nabbed Bennison’s at-home, near-instant meal solution for starving multitaskers, and it looks delicious.

Vicky Bennison’s “Cupboard Is Bare” pasta is a brilliant combination of high-quality dried pasta, canned chickpeas and copious seasonings like garlic, fresh rosemary and cayenne—plus the eponymous Italian touches of parmigiano and olive oil.

The instructions are disturbingly simple for something that looks so good: cook the pasta, fry up and mash the chickpeas in some garlic and olive oil, then add seasonings and pasta water to create a makeshift sauce. Top with cheese, and you’re in heaven.

This looks so easy and delicious that even the most high-ass person could get it done, and if you still are going to order Seamless, try to keep an eye on the Pasta Grannies account to support Bennison and the nonne she shares with us.

Find the “Cupboard is Bare” pasta recipe here, and follow @pastagrannies on Instagram!

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