We Want This Food: Ricotta and Fig Toasts from Masseria Moroseta

There’s something so annoying about finding amazing foods on IG late at night after a few too many hits of the good stuff; you can’t (usually) eat what’s on the screen.

This is an excellent reason to rush right out and get something that you can access in a timely fashion when you see it, but when the dish is halfway across the world, it’s just not that simple. 

That’s why chef Giorgia Eugenia Goggi is so hard to follow unless you’re planning a trip to Italy anytime soon, and specifically to where she’s cooking, Masseria Moroseta, in the heel of the boot overlooking the Adriatic. Sounds damned romantic and delicious. 

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Breakfast classics – sourdough toast with whipped ricotta, fresh figs, chestnut honey and lost of flaky salt #morosetakitchen #masseriamoroseta

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We always love to look at her food even though it hurts, but this recent post involved such a yummy looking food that we’re about to Google some flights and get the hell down there to eat already. 

The dish in question: Sourdough toast with whipped Ricotta, fresh figs, chestnut honey and flaky salt. 

Ay yi yi! We really need to eat this stat. Since intrepid and weed-loving Italians prove that cannoli go great with cannabis, adding your own dose and trying to replicate this dish at home is about it unless you are heading to the Brindisi region.

God bless, and goddamn Instagram for always taunting us with such tasty eats. It’s truly the Catch 22 we all deserve in this connected world, and until those high-speed travel tubes are up and running, we’re shit out of luck and stuck on the ‘gram.

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