Weed Talk News: US Congress Starts Cannabis Reform

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The Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate led by Chuck Schumer, D-NY, starts to initiate cannabis reform legislation. As soon as the COVID-19 relief package is settled, the next agenda item will be social justice and cannabis reform. Advocates are pushing for full legalization, but decriminalization was part of their election platform. Some states like Arizona launched their adult use sales market earlier than anticipated. But others who passed ballot questions are now getting challenged in their respective state courts. Drizly, an alcohol delivery platform gets sold for over a billion, and their little cannabis sister company, Lantern goes on its own and now is moving their services into Denver. Canada’s legal cannabis saless finally surpasses the illegal market, and Solomon Israel from MJBIZ Daily International has that story in his Canadian report. Is there really a health insurance plan that will cover medical cannabis? Novus says yes. Debra Borchardt with the Green Market Report from NY; and Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot Cast has the DC Report. Ry Russell from Weedbudz Radio joins Pro Cannabis Media founder Jimmy Young for this weeks, Weed Talk News.

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