Wilde Kush

Written by Ashley Priest

Wilde Kush is a fragrance for all. This unisex cannabis-inspired scent is brought to you buy Wilde Vertigga. Wilde Vertigga is a unisex fashion line producer that bases their ideas on the theories of Oscar Wilde. Their gender-neutral fashion line offers asymmetrical designs developed for “non-conformist rebels who want to approach fashion differently.” By introducing Wilde Kush to their product line, Wilde Vertigga hopes to “break the taboo around cannabis and embrace the wild plant.” The CEO of Wilde Vertigga, Lior Reitblatt, had the following to say:

“After 30 years in the beauty industry as CEO of a major pharmaceutical chain, I can only say that the world is finally ready for a facelift — cannabis is going to disrupt the industry, and people all over the world are going to bloom into better versions of themselves.”

Wilde Kush is over four years in the making. To take this idea from inception to market has required extensive research by their product partners at Eybna Labs. Eybna has been responsible for researching and developing the edgy aroma that Wilde Kush has become. Vertigga was looking for a new scent that was edgy, powerful, uplifting and suitable for all genders, not just something floral and sweet.

The result is a very sensual aroma with hints of lemon, pine and sandalwood. Eybna has worked with Vertigga over the last four years to develop Wilde Kush, which includes over 500 terpenes and aromatic ingredients. Wilde Kush emanates a savory spectrum of scents and aromas, just like our favorite plant, cannabis. Stay tuned for their upcoming cannabis and fashion projects, which are currently in the works!

To learn more about Wilde Vertigga or to purchase Wilde Kush, visit Vertigga.com.

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