1933 Industries Inc. begins sales in Colorado, launches new product line and signs reciprocal licensing deal with Denver Dab Co.

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VANCOUVER, Oct. 5, 2018 /CNW/ – 1933 Industries Inc. (the “Company” or “1933 Industries”) (CSE: TGIF) (OTCQB: TGIFF) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Infused MFG (“Infused”), began sales of its products today in the State of Colorado, in conjunction with a previously announced licensing agreement (the “Agreement”) with Denver Dab Co. (“DDC”) on June 5, 2018.


Under the terms of the Agreement, DDC has begun manufacturing and distributing Infused’s Canna Hemp™ CBD and hemp-based products on an exclusive basis to retail cannabis dispensaries in Colorado. DDC’s high quality concentrates and pure cannabis oils will initially infuse Canna Hemp’s™ CBD Body Lotions, lip balms and CBD Relief Cream, with more products added in the future.

The Company is launching Canna Fused™, a 1:1 CBD/THC-infused product line, making its debut in Denver in partnership with DDC. Canna Fused™ has been created with a focus on medical relief for a number of ailments and conditions. CBD is believed to interact with THC to enhance THC’s painkilling properties while limiting the psychoactive effects. www.cannafused.com

1933 Industries also announces that its subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Association (“AMA”), has entered into a licensing agreement with DDC (“DDC Agreement”) for the exclusive rights to produce, manufacture, market, and sell DDC’s Licensed Products in the State of Nevada.

The Licensed Products include: Live and Cured Resin; Live Budder; Live and Cured Diamonds; and Live and Cured Sauce, under the License Marks, “Denver Dab Company”; “Denver Dab Co.”; “Luminescence Labs, Inc.”; and “Luminescence Labs”. The DDC Agreement is effective for a twelve (12) month period with a renewal clause for an additional twelve (12) month term.

“We are excited to partner with DDC to enter the Colorado market,” remarked Mr. Chris Rebentisch, USA Chief Operations Officer and Founder of Infused. He added, “DDC meets the highest standards of quality and we are pleased to offer the reciprocal manufacturing services for their products in Nevada.”

Mr. Drew Mattison, Founder and President of DDC said, “The entire team at DDC is absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Infused MFG. Through our combined resources and singular vision of producing the highest quality cannabis products, we see a mutually beneficial relationship long into the future.”

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