4/20 Celebrations Totaled at $182 Million

This year’s 4/20 celebrations garnered a total of $182M in sales, from Thursday to Saturday (4/18 – 4/20). The first ever 4/20 celebration with legal recreational cannabis across 10 states brought in record-breaking sales with suppliers and dispensaries working hard to keep up with demand. Websites offering cannabis delivery like Eaze.com were crashing due to high traffic and lines in dispensaries were out the door. Data in this article was gathered by MJ Freeway, the largest global cannabis technology and data company. Last week, MJ Freeway spokesperson Jessica Billingsley predicted that 4/20 sales will reach $90 Million. Actual sales on 4/20 fell short, with the total sales falling at $80 Million. But the $182 Million sales surrounding 4/20 were dispersed over a 3-day period because of two major religious holidays coinciding with this year’s 4/20 celebration, providing people with more free time to purchase and celebrate through the weekend. Different events celebrating 4/20 were plentiful in California, Colorado, Michigan & Massachusetts. But even in states where cannabis hasn’t passed for legalization yet, fun and informative events calling for legalization took place.


In 2018, 4/20 sales were at $132M amounting to a 38% growth when compared sales this year. The record-breaking gross sale is making this year’s 4/20 weekend the three highest consecutive sales days in cannabis in the US. Cannabis flowers are still everybody’s favorite, accounting for 45.3% of sales this year, but only making a 2% increase from last year’s sales share. The top 3 strains purchased during the weekend were Blue Dream, Grapefruit Durban and Sour Diesel, according to MJ Freeway. Cartridges and pens are proving to be a new favorite because of its ease of use, portability, and functionality, making up 39% of sales. Concentrates, like oils, hash, wax, shatter & dabs had 12% of the sales shares and edibles made up 10% of the sales. Men still bought more cannabis this year compared to last year, making up 62% of sales while women accounted for 38% of sales, with the largest age group this year being 30-40 followed by the under 30 age group.

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