5 CBD-Infused Lip Balms to get you Through Winter

By: Izzybea Miller

We all fall a victim to the dreaded dry, flakey and chapped lips especially as we approach the cold season. Using a lip-balm becomes a vital part of our winter self-care routines, so why not replace our ordinary lip-balm with a cannabis-infused alternative and reap the rewards of cannabinoids on our skin instead of the many fillers, perfumes and waxes in the typical lip-balm?


Why Choose Cannabis-Infused Lip Balms?

CBD-infused skincare products are popping up all over the market. But do we really need it for our lips? The short answer is yes.

Cannabinoid-rich oils are chock-full of vitamins A, C and E, according to Healthline. These vitamins work together to improve the overall quality of your skin, leaving it moisturized, healthy and glowing while also combating noticeable signs of aging.  

CBD oils can help relieve chapped lips without leaving them feeling slick and greasy. If you suffer from extremely painful, red, dry, cracked lips or the unfortunate cold sore during winter, CBD oil will help to alleviate the raw tenderness of your lips. In fact, several studies have shown that cannabinoids lock in moisture, and have anti-inflammatory properties that help to alleviate pain by working with the endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies. 

Will I feel a calming effect from CBD lip balm?

Although CBD lip products can calm redness and irritation externally, topicals will not create an internal euphoric feeling. To better understand the benefits of CBD oil, be aware of the differences between topical use and consumables. 

Topical CBD: When applied topically, CBD soaks deep into the layers of our skin, but not deep enough to enter into your bloodstream, according to research published in Molecules. As such, topicals are commonly used for skin-care, pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory. Common topical CBD products include: balm, lotions, massage oils, rubs and lip treatments.

Consumable CBD: Products intended to be absorbed internally allow for the CBD to enter into your bloodstream. Research shows that consuming CBD can relieve muscle/joint pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. Common products include: tinctures, treats and gummies, capsules and products for pets.


These points in mind, here are our top lip-balm choices to get you through this winter:

Serene CBD lip balm

Photo by Serene Cannabis


Serene CBD Lip Balm

Product: 50 mg CBD lip balm

Price: $24 for a pack of three

As Serene’s number one selling product, this lip-balm is special because it contains 50 mg of CBD per .15 ounce tube, which makes it one of the most potent CBD lip-balms on the market. The lip balm is made with organic shea butter, avocado oil, and peppermint oil, and has SPF 15. Serene’s lip balm provides excellent protection against the elements as well as antibacterial properties — making the CBD lip-balm a must-have this cold season.



Smith + Cult lip balm

Photo by Smith + Cult

Locked + Lit Lip Balm by Smith and Cult

Product: CBD lip balm

Price: $21

This lip balm has more of a glossy finish than a typical chapstick. As such, it provides intense hydration, and is perfect for everyday wear or to include as part of your makeup routine. It comes in four different shades: clear, glassy pink, glassy rose and glassy berry. The clear balm goes on green, but quickly becomes clear as you apply. The tinted balm provides a soft, subtle brush of color to the lips, which is guaranteed to brighten the darkest of winter days.



W!NK lip duo

Photo by W!NK

CBD Lip Balm + Scrub Duo by W!NK

Product: Two-step lip hydrating system

Price: $48


This two-step, revitalizing system from W!NK is the hydration transformation your lips need. The citrus-scented CBD exfoliator helps remove any dry or flakey skin from the surface of your lips. Follow it up with their CBD balm to ensure your lips receive the T.L.C. they deserve.                    



Photo by Uncle Bud’s CBD

Uncle Bud’s CBD Lip Balm

Product: 5mg CBD lip-balm

Price: $8.99


 Uncle Bud’s top-selling balm delivers high-quality, intense hydration. With a cool peppermint flavor, rich in vitamin A, D and E, Uncle Bud’s balm helps to relieve cracked and dry lips. One of the best quality balms at a low price – you will want to keep it in your pocket all winter long. 




Photo by Wilma Faget (Velvet Nation)

Asheville Hemp Project’s Hemp Lip Balm


Product: .15 ounce organic hemp lip balm

Price: $3.50

This lip balm is specifically designed to help protect lips from the harsh elements like wind and sun. It contains only certified organic ingredients including beeswax, sunflower, coconut oil and hemp oil — and, like all of the Asheville Hemp Project’s products — is made using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).



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