Smoke NUG, Plant Trees—A Pungent, Top-Shelf Flower With Purpose

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By Melissa Hutsell  

Pictured above: Premium Jack Flower by NUG. Photos provided by NUG.



As California slowly eases it’s shelter-in-place guidelines, another crisis looms; wildfire season. Each year, the season grows seemingly longer throughout the state. And each year, fires threaten more than 33 million acres of trees in California, reports the Forest Foundation. 

Now, two companies have come together to create a way for cannabis consumers to support reforestation efforts, one-puff-at-a-time.

Buy and Eight, Plant a Tree 

In Fall 2019, NUG partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees around the world. Together, they created the “We Grow California” campaign, which aims to plant more than 10,000 trees in California. 

According to NUG, $1 from the sales of each eighth of Premium Jack flower goes directly to the non-profit organization, which plants one tree per every dollar received. 

The campaign was scheduled to end in Feb. 2020. However, as the fire season approaches, the campaign was extended to last throughout 2020, with the new goal of planting 100,000 trees. 

As part of the “We Grow California” efforts, NUG and One Tree Planted are inviting dispensaries to match each dollar raised during the campaign. The company tracks which storefronts are planting the most trees—the results of which are available online via NUG’s We Grow California dashboard

So far, the partnership has helped plant 10,500 trees and counting since November 2019. 

In first place is NUG Wellness, with nearly 2,000 trees planted, followed by Community HealthSolutions (1,350). 

NUG’s We Grow California Dashboard, May 8, 2020. Photo from


The Flower

NUG’s flagship strain, Premium Jack, was created to reflect the ever-popular strain, Jack Herer.

According to the test results, it’s 19% THC, which falls on the higher end of average for THC-dominant dry flower, according to a Leafly. As such, the indoor grown flower is potent enough for seasoned smokers, and can be appreciated by novel ones too (i.e. it won’t put you on your ass).

Lineage: a cross between Haze x NL 5 x Shiva Skunk. 

Accolades: Handcrafted from seed-to-sale. Voted “Best Sativa” in 2012 High Times Cup.

Aesthetics: These nugs are seriously dense, and frosty AF. Each bud is bursting with rusty orange calyxes that pop out from the backdrop of snow white trichomes. The concentrated buds are reminiscent of the West Coast favorite, Blue Dream (which shares a Haze parent with PJ)

Aroma: The company describes the strain as having a, “funk and nosehair-curling effervescence.” That’s pretty spot on. As soon as I opened the jar, I was hit with pungent, sour notes, which were more earthy, and less ammonia-like, than other funky strains I’ve encountered. It’s slightly musky and tangy all at once. 

Effects: Not only did it smell like a sativa, effects leaned toward one too. I puffed on an eighth of PJ for week, and experienced different effects. Mostly, I felt this strain enhanced what I already felt before consuming it. When smoked earlier in the day, effects were more upbeat. At night, when my mind was hazy from a full day of work, PJ helped quiet it, enhancing the tiredness I already felt. Overall, the strain offers a consistently balanced body and head high. However, it’s important to note that everyone reacts differently to each strain. 

Packaging: As with most flower, it was pretty straightforward. The eighth came in a reusable glass jar with test results slapped to the side, and the reminder that, “this product plants one tree.”

Altogether, this was one of the most balanced strains I’ve ever tried. The nugs are tasty, potent, and they’re positively impacting climate change, one-puff-at-a-time. For that, it earns 4.8 stars!

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