An Honest Review of Cannalogica’s Skincare Essentials

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Cannalogica’s Skincare Essentials Set is just that — a cannabis-infused, clinically blended skincare routine that will look cute on your vanity while keeping your skin clear and hydrated all day. It includes their three best selling products: the Facial Hydration Oil, the Daily Calming Moisturizer and the Deep Cleanse Face Masque. Based on hemp leaf extract and a variety of organic, naturally derived oils, the system is meant to calm, hydrate and detoxify the skin. If you’re a sucker for packaging like me, you should also know that the set comes in a sleek white packaging that’ll make you feel like you’re dipping into your esthetician’s own personal stash. 


Cannalogica’s Oil

Cannalogica Facial Hydration Oil

Cannalogica Facial Hydration Oil

The Facial Hydration Oil was my personal favorite out of the set. It comes with 1 fl oz of product in a pipette container. I opted to use it in the morning before I applied the moisturizer, which is what Cannalogica recommends. 

The first thing I noticed was how hydrating it felt on my skin. It had an almost tacky texture, which I liked because it left me feeling nice and glowy for longer than I’m used to with my regular skincare routine.  

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this product for people who have oily skin. It does leave a residue on your face that I imagine wouldn’t be very comfortable on more oily skin. However, for those of us with dry skin, it’s perfect for that extra boost of hydration. 


Cannalogica’s Moisturizer 

Cannalogica Daily Calming Moisturizer , skincare product

Cannalogica Daily Calming Moisturizer

The first thing I have to mention about the moisturizer is the packaging. It makes you feel like you’re very serious about your skincare (as you should be). The 1.7 fl oz jar is equipped with a fancy push down pump that gives the application a certain je ne sais quoi you probably aren’t getting from your usual moisturizer. 

The formula itself is on the lighter side, which I liked in combination with the Facial Hydration Oil as the oil has a thicker consistency. For my dry skin, that combo worked well. 

However, I personally wouldn’t use the moisturizer alone. I typically prefer something a bit heavier. Though, if you have oily/combination skin, this product might be a good bet for you.

All-in-all, this product is true to its name. It couldn’t be better described than as a daily, calming moisturizer. 


Cannalogica’s Masque

Cannalogica Deep Cleanse Face Masque skincare product

Cannalogica Deep Cleanse Face Masque

Last but not least is the Deep Cleanse Face Masque. It’s a clay mask — the kind that leaves you unable to move your face by the time you’re ready to wash it off. I like to use those once in a while when I feel like my skin really needs some love. 

I noticed my face felt rather refreshed after I washed off the mask. Sometimes clay masks can leave your skin feeling stripped and tight — but not this one. It wasn’t too intense as a purifying treatment for my dry skin. 

When I followed it up with the oil and the moisturizer, I really felt like I had just left a spa by the end of my Cannalogica self-care night.


My Honest Opinion

Cannalogica’s Skincare Essentials Set comes in at $100. I’d estimate it lasts two or three months with regular use. For three naturally derived, hemp-based skincare products, the price is pretty reasonable in my opinion. 

If you have dry-to-combination skin, and are looking for a new skincare system, I would definitely recommend giving this set a try. You can also buy the products separately. So if your skin is more on the oily side, I’d point you to the moisturizer and masque but advise against the oil. 

Give Cannalogica a try if you want to up your skincare game with a clean, scientifically created, cannabis-infused system that hydrates and detoxifies the skin — the best of both worlds.


Rating: 5/5 Emeralds


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